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Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works – 06/07 Review

[C12] Fate Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works - 07.mp4 - 00001Despite these words, this whole scene actually glorifies Eastern swordplay and Western swordplay merely gets represented in a “Hey, I can keep up, sort-of!”-way.

The more I see of this series, the more I’m reminded of why I liked the first Fate/Stay Night series when I still thought of it as a really good shounen-show. But with the success of that first series, this whole thing has become a franchise and it’s one of the rare few that spawned a prequel that’s better than the original. Ultimately Fate/Zero got an adaptation that thanks to ufotable clearly showed off its strengths. Now returning to Fate/Stay Night, despite ufotable’s involvement, clearly shows that the whole franchise wasn’t as strong right from the start as you would think about watching Fate/Zero. I still think it would’ve been way better to radically alter Fate/Stay Night’s storyline by like for example making Rin the main-character instead of Shirou. Instead we get an episode like these two that highlight how flawed the writing and storyline of Fate/Stay Night is.

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The Legend Of Korra: Book Of Balance – 08 Review

korra 0408 01

It’s just a recap-episode, really. So, to describe it in one word: skippable.

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Psycho-Pass II – 06/07 Review

[HorribleSubs] PSYCHO-PASS 2 - 07 [480p].mkv - 00001What, after all the times Sibyl had been incapable of stopping shit from hitting the fan? Well, I feel like Sybil has indeed earned itself some sarcastic remarks.

Psycho-Pass is one of those sequels that I think I would like it more if it weren’t a sequel. This season has ideas, knows how to handle characters in a straightforward fashion and knows how to instil a police-investigation-story with action and some plot-twists. But here’s the thing: It isn’t as good as Psycho-Pass’ first season. The difference in quality also just heightens the flaws of this second season as its new characters are mostly one-note and not very interesting. Especially Mika who isn’t just one-note but also incredibly unlikeable. After seven episodes “getting better” definitely comes too late; who knows, whether such a thing will even happen. Right now, it certainly seems like the producers of the show had made a mistake by not having let Gen Urobuchi write this second season.

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The Legend Of Korra: Book Of Balance – 07 Review

korra 0407

That was certainly a weird, unexpected moment… Actually reddening the cheeks of Korra when she compliments Asami on her appearance? It never seemed like during the first and second season the writing actually tried to posit the idea of those two showing any interest in each other as romantical partners but here we are looking at this one rather defining moment… At this point they really have to go ahead and make it a “thing”. After all, there’s hardly enough time left to turn this into a “will they, won’t they”-routine. The series has to commit to this relationship or else such a moment just becomes ridiculously unnecessary.

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Review-Roundup: Psycho-Pass II 05, Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works 05, CROSS ANGE 06

[C12] Fate Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works - 05.mp4 - 00002That’s how everyone looks like after they’ve found out that Shirou is supposed to be this series’ protagonist.

This time I review:

Psycho-Pass II 05: The new Hungry Chicken has come out, guys! Also, some other stuff happens that fails to move forward the story.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works 05: Shirou makes one bad decision after another and so Rin tries to kill him. Things don’t go as planned.

CROSS ANGE 06: Ange’s Top-Maid has come back to resume her job of acting like Ange is NOT a Norma (although she really is). Luckily money is there to save the day when kindheartedness is nowhere to be found.

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The Legend Of Korra: Book Of Balance – 06 Review

The.Legend.of.Korra.S04E06.Battle.of.Zaofu.WEB-DL.x264.AAC.mp4 - 00001


Why is this series actually trying to be SO historical? It’s not like it’s an actual historical series – but this series is obsessed with having these historical references. And it wouldn’t be a bad thing – except this isn’t the kind of show to tackle the intricacies of dictatorship for example. Dictators are bad guys, done! Going down the path of “But maybe there’s a reason why dictators come to power in the first place and it would be prudent to investigate those reasons narratively and what it leads to…” is something for mature shows! I’m all for kids-shows tackling complex issues but you have to simplify it – from start to finish. You may argue that this series is better for having these more complex story-hooks but I feel like that’s just a waste of time if you don’t follow through with it. The simply approach would be to call dictators bad but the mature approach would be to question why dictators exist in the first place and this season raises that question definitely. It’s just that it doesn’t really seem concerned with offering good answers to this complex question. So far, this season really hasn’t inspired a lot of confidence in handling its topic in a meaningful way, though. And with this season failing to really turn Korra into an interesting character, things just go downhill from there.

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Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence – Review

[3xR] Ghost in the Shell 2 - Innocence (mtHD Triple Audio).mkv - 00021

Ghost In The Shell 2: Do Androids Ever Have Nightmares About Electronic Incontinence?

I’ve just got the idea recently from one of the comments to simply have another one of those reviews that have nothing to do with the current season. It’s just a nice change of pace and more than that, it’s not just my spontaneous opinion on something I’ve watched a couple hours ago. And so I’ve figured I would talk about the second Ghost In The Shell movie, the one that’s wisely called just “Innocence” in Japan. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad movie but it’s the kind you delve into. You don’t just watch it and leave it behind. You probably will need to do some research to understand the depth of this movie. And so, I will open with a few researched explanations of this movie’s content before I move on to my actual review. Seriously, it’s necessary… and it’s kinda frustrating. This movie became more enjoyable by actually giving it more attention than the one I had given it just watching it, but at the same time those very revelations showed off one of the bigger flaws of this movie. It’s a complicated movie, to make it short.

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Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works – 03/04 Review

[C12] Fate Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works - 04.mp4 - 00003She: “Hey, it really seems like you have some deep-seated psychological issues. You wanna talk about it?” He: “Man, if someone I know mentions it, then it must be really bad, right, RIGHT?! I can assure you that it’s not like I had a traumatic experience during my childhood that I refuse to EVER mention. But no, really, everything’s fine, believe me.”

I hadn’t expected to enjoy watching this series this much. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the original anime-series and since I’ve had played the Visual Novel but I still knew most of the plotpoints so I really wasn’t looking forward to this. But this adaptation does a lot of things right in an effort to give Fate/Stay Night a story that’s as good as the one in Fate/Zero. And above all, the visual style does a TON of work in this series to sell its battle-sequences. That part alone makes this already the best adaptation of Fate/Stay Night until now.

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CROSS ANGE – 05 Review

[HorribleSubs] Cross Ange - 05 [480p].mkv - 00000That’s what “funny” looks like according to this episode.

This has been one of the worst episodes I’ve seen this season! At least, in this instance the episode was bad enough to be actually laughable. This episode basically tries to throw romance, fanservice and character-development in an effort to introduce a new character named Tusk and to develop Ange as a character. Also, they fall in love with each other in a rather cheesy scenario. But this episode gets it all SO wrong starting with how the plot doesn’t really make sense and ending with how idiotic the characterisations are in this episode. If this next episode doesn’t get much better, I really will start to think about dropping this series.

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The Legend Of Korra: Book Of Balance – 05 Review

korra 0405 01

I’ve watched the season-premiere for Elementary’s third season yesterday and it was kinda frustrating to watch. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great episode for that show but the really frustrating thing was watching that episode handle a time-jump between seasons the way you’re supposed to handle such a dramatic shift. If you do something as drastic as a time-jump, there needs to be some serious change happening! And yet, in what way has this season actually developed its main-characters…? Korra’s weaker… as if we hadn’t seen that before in this series… Everybody in this series really just sort-of remained the same. Any changes that did happen mostly happened for plot-reasons. Mako didn’t become Wu’s bodyguard because he wanted to, Bolin just sort-of joined Kuvira because he was able to help people that way and Asami just did her thing like usual (without anyone in the universe really giving a shit). Meanwhile, Korra who was kinda forced to change immediately learned to become her old self again within a couple episodes of this season. Really, for being a season named ‘Book Of Change’ that third season didn’t have as much of an impact as you would’ve expected after the last episode of that third season. I really believe that this season should’ve been bolder with the way it has reintroduced its main-characters and how different those characters are.

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