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Aldnoah.Zero – 04 Review

_C12__Aldnoah_Zero_-_04.mp4 - 00005Wait, why is the alcoholic war-veteran the only one dispensing sensible strategic and tactical advice among all those military-people? Also, why are all the other relevant military-characters in this series women? Why is Marito the only one who seems somewhat competent among all those military-people that have been introduced until now…?

Zankyou no Terror really reminded me of the whole nuclear history Japan has. It’s a tragic history… which means it’s great material to use in fiction! This episode, for example: The imperialistic Martian Vers-Empire destroys Tokyo with meteors that form a mushroom-like cloud just so that they can claim ownership of another part of the world. Look, I would like to think this is more a series trying to play with history-based imagery than actually engaging with historical commentary, but who knows… this is the fourth episode. It doesn’t have to mean anything really! Just look at Man Of Steel and how that movie used 9/11-imagery. That movie didn’t really have anything to say about the whole 9/11-incident and still it used that imagery.

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The Legend Of Korra: Book Of Change – 08 Review

korra 01


Three seasons. The writers of Legend Of Korra had three fucking series – and they STILL haven’t learned how to write good villains. The villain of the first season appeared to be somewhat interesting but ended up being a disappointing fake. And the one in the second season was SO obviously evil, it was just stupid how Korra had even trusted him for a second. And the third time around? Well, they’re obviously evil but that’s not really the problem. The problem is them running around most of this season for whatever reason and doing nothing noteworthy. They’re just the setup for a finale that hasn’t happened yet. Who knows if they actually will be able to carry the finale for this season…

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Review-Roundup: Zankyou no Terror 03, Sailor Moon Crystal 02, Tokyo Ghoul 02-04

[C12] Tokyo Ghoul - 03.mp4 - 00001Apparently humanity’s solution in their battle against ghouls is to hire humans who are even creepier than the ghouls.

Just as a heads-up for those few who weren’t already aware of it: Nickelodeon has cancelled the last five episodes of Legend Of Korra’s third season. I will review the last episode to air tomorrow. The creators of the show have already announced, though, that the series will continue on Amazon or whatever other site is desperately chasing the future of digital Internet-Streaming-TV these days.  But now as for the series I will review here:

Zankyou no Terror 03: Nobody so far seems to have an Oedipus-complex but Nine and Twelve still pose riddles to the police-force like they’re the Sphinx. Only now Shibasaki is the boss. After all, his smartness has never brought him anything but trouble anyway, so it’s no wonder that he gladly chooses to get involved.

Sailor Moon Crystal 02: Education is brainwashing and smart girls have no friends – The Sailor Mercury Story.

Tokyo Ghoul 02-04: Kaneki hates being a half-ghoul and all the drawbacks this existence brings. But it’s not like he can change back and so he has no choice but to learn how to live with this burden. But even as a superstrong ghoul shit doesn’t happen less, actually shit happens now way more often in Kaneki’s life since he had become a ghoul.

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Akame ga Kill! – 03 Review

[C12] Akame ga Kill - 03.mp4 - 00003That’s a really stupid superpower to have… This gun has the worst imaginable timing to show its full potential.

Maybe I start blogging another series instead of this one. It’s not a great series after all, more than that, it’s somewhat generic. Sure, there’s enough blood in each episode to fill a swimming-pool but it’s not like beneath all that violence there’s actual dark shit going on. It’s all just the pretentious ticks of a series unable to commit to showing evil that’s worthy of all that gore. Also, Mine’s a tsundere, so… I don’t know… maybe use characters that aren’t stereotypical anime-teenager-characters, if you want to create a truly dark show…?

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Review-Roundup: Aldnoah.Zero 03, Tokyo ESP 01/02

[C12] Tokyo ESP - 02.mp4 - 00003Man, I never knew that stealing stuff follows the same rules like The Price Is Right…

I can’t imagine any manga-author wanting to see a terrible anime-adaptation of his work. After all, most of the time the source-material is still an ongoing series so in many ways the anime is more of an elaborate ad for the original series. Sure, some directors like Shinbo and Shaft for example try to give the series their own spin but most of the time the anime tries to stay true to the source-material. But imagine stuff like seeing the anime-adaptation of your manga and finding out that someone decided some scene needed more fanservice. Would you be happy that your series gained new readers supposedly based on THAT…? But I guess, you have to sell these animes somehow, if having an artistic vision is something only the hotshot-directors of the anime-business are allowed to have. This time I review:

Aldnoah.Zero 03: Earth’s fucked. Luckily there’s a cool teenager, named Inaho, to unfuck things.

Tokyo ESP: Bad shit’s happening in Tokyo. Where’s the White-Haired Girl, you may ask. No, wait, that’s what the episode asks. What you ask is probably: Who the fuck is the White-Haired Girl?! Well, good that you ask because it’s a rather long story as in that it’s exactly one season long but that’s too long so the story starts shortly before the final couple episodes and then goes back to the beginning where what happened shortly before the finale doesn’t matter at all. Ga-Rei-Zero did a similar thing, so why not do the same thing again, right? After all, it sounds like a GREAT plan…

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The Legend Of Korra: Book of Change – 06/07 Review

The.Legend.of.Korra.S03E06.480p.HDTV.x264-mSD.mkv - 00003


This third season has been really good so far. Although after that ending of the 2nd season I really would’ve expected spirits to play a far bigger role than they have done so far. I mean, the spirits play a VERY tiny role so far, although the frequency with which people now meet spirits should have a far bigger impact on human society than is shown in this series. How should humans respond to all these new sentient beings in their environment? Originally I had expected this season to be about that. But what this season has delivered instead seems to be more interested in the personal change of various characters. And trying to tackle such personal issues really has helped this season to create some interesting little stories.

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Zankyou no Terror – 02 Review

[HorribleSubs] Zankyou no Terror - 02 [480p].mkv - 00001That’s a rather weird approach from Lisa to research the Oedipus-story. Wouldn’t you rather grab the encyclopaedia or even better yet… use the fucking internet?! And if she’s already committed to reading up on the Oedipus-story, why did they show her reading the manga-adaptation?

Zankyou no Terror is daring. That 9/11-imagery from the first episode and then the second episode covers another bombing already, this series really doesn’t want you to forget it’s about terrorism… not that it has become clear what’s actually going on in the heads of Nine and Twelve. I don’t think it’s a great series right now but it’s certainly not generic. From its tone to the fact that it has put two teenage-terrorists at the centre of the story. It’s still interesting to watch… but it’s not very entertaining so far.

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Review-Roundup: Ao Haru Ride 01/02, Hanayamata 01/02

[C12] Ao Haru Ride - 02.mp4 - 00006After all, everybody knows that a girl’s value rises and falls with how cute she is. That’s the ONLY way for girls to be worthy of any guy’s interest.

It’s great to be a male love-interest in a shoujo-series! Really, NOTHING is the guy’s fault, he just can be an asshole and look down on the women who are interested in him. After all, he’s way too cool and deep to stoop to a normal person’s sensibility for social interactions. It gets even better if the guy has a dark past. There’s no better way to be pretentious than to say “You just don’t get me.” while having this dark past lurking there in the background unmentioned. Being considered cool was never easier! That guy just has to wait for the female main-character to do all the plot-work for the romance to happen! So, here are the two series, I will cover this time:

Ao Haru Ride: A long time ago Futaba was a good, cute girl that was naturally hated by all girls but nowadays she’s an integral part of the girl-yakuza to escape that hatred. She even had a boyfriend-in-waiting once! Except that the guy stood her up and then disappeared into a jungle or wherever the fuck he was going. Enjoying her life as an unattractive girl-gorilla she suddenly meets her former boyfriend-but-not-exactly-that again. And he turned into a real sourpuss! But Futaba starts to question her descent into girl-barbarism as she rediscovers her feelings for the knight-in-shining-armor whose head got stuck in his own asshole.

Hanayamata: Naru is convinced that she sucks at being alive but she has good friends that she supports wholeheartedly. Getting closer to suicide with each meandering day, one night is about to change her life forever. While slavishly following someone else’s wishes again, she meets a weird girl who immediately decides to start dancing with Naru. Weirded out by the girl because she looked very UN-JAPANESE, Naru at first tries to distance herself from this newcomer. But this American girl called Hana convinces Naru to join her Yosakoi-club and for the first time in Naru’s life she feels like she has found something she can devote herself to. And with that her great friendship with Hana begins.

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Akame ga Kill! – 02 Review

_dn92__HorribleSubs__Akame_ga_Kill__-_02__720p_.mkv - 00000What a nice thing to say! I bet, anyone would like to hear that sort of compliment!

Oh man, well, that could’ve gone better. I mean, what could possibly go wrong with a story about a bunch of people that try to kill another bunch of people…? That can be something special! Like… I don’t know, maybe someone slips on a banana-peel or something. That would be something worth watching, right? No, wait, Akame ga Kill wants to be a really dark series, so scratch that. What I meant to say was: Like… I don’t know, maybe someone slips on a DARK banana-peel or something. There we go! That’s more like it! Seriously, have you ever held a banana that’s already darkened? That will be the most creepy thing your hand will ever feel! If that isn’t the stuff edgy stories are made of, I don’t know what is! But sadly… Akame ga Kill had no banana-peels, neither darkened nor unripe green… It’s a missed opportunity!

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Aldnoah.Zero – 01/02 Review

[C12] Aldnoah Zero - 02.mp4 - 00000For such a simple message, there sure are a TON of scenes in the second episode, simply repeating this line in terms of tone and actions.

Aldnoah may not be very blunt about it but so far… it’s a mecha-series. Challenging odds, tons of battles, big speeches about war and peace and the type of drama that could be easily solved by a reasonable dialogue: Aldnoah has it all! Except…! Its first two episode… actually, make that its first THREE episodes, are a prologue. Considering how the series has yet to say why anyone should give a shit about it, that’s a rather ballsy move.

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