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Anyone ever watched an anime that made you think, what is going on? what is going to happen next? but have entirely no idea what the show is about or what can happen next cos you just dont know.

Well, for me, Baccano! is it. It is not horrible, on the contrary, it is actually interesting. You have people talking about a bunch of mumbo jumbo that i dont get, cool people who can well, more than regenerate, they can actually… suck(?) back all their blood. You have the mafia. 2 really weird people who are doing weird random things. All in all, it is a weird anime. Every episode is not really connected to one another, it is like a mass of randomness that is high on something. ^^

Check this out…

those are fingers by the way, cool stuff right? it happens around… 1/3 through the show… those fingers belongs to….

this guy.

It is quite interesting seeing them get shot up and not dying and being able to become fine after that, the reactions from normal people is really cool too. Honestly, i have to applaud the director. It could have easily become a flop in my opinion. I mean, losing interest would have been easy if it was not for the catchy music, the fast pace scenes, the jumping from one character to another, the wondering that you end up doing.

I haven’t got the slightest clue what this anime is about… BUT… its interesting.

Catchy music, fast paced, interesting characters, and i am so clueless that i am interested in what will happen next. ^^

No idea what is going on… haha

i give it a 6.5/10 right now, just cos i haven’t got a clue.

-ra out

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