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It is not a new anime, but it is a new anime that i am currently watching. Honestly, it can get quite disturbing at times with its gruesome scenes and its nudity scenes.

The Story
The anime is interesting in the sense that unlike many others where you watch a story unfold, you are invited into the minds of the characters. One scene would be at the beginning of the story. You are first introduced to the main character when the camera invites you into the mind of this high schooler where he imagines his teacher and the rest of the girls in his class to be naked. At first i just thought he had turned into superman and developed x-ray vision. But soon enough you realize that it is not the case since the next thing he does after school is to buy a nudity magazine.

Anyway, to get home he takes the train, and in that scene you are able to “read” the minds of the people there and how they go about their daily lives. Honestly, it is quite shockingly true how selfish people can get sometimes. You realize how weak and pathetic most of the human population is sometimes. That is not the main point though. Ok, so Kei (the lead) is waiting for a train when a drunk homeless man falls into the tracks and no one wants to save him. Kei then sees his childhood buddy Katou, and Katou is the only one willing to pluck up his courage without excuses to save that poor fella. While trying to save that guy, Katou recognizes Kei and turns to him for help in saving the guy. They saved the guy but they get killed. This is where the fun starts.

Yup, as the screen capture shows. “What the hell?” would be your reaction as well. That is the main character Kei. He finds himself in this room with his old buddy and a bunch of weird stangers and a dog.

This is the room of weird people. A teacher, a guy with a girlish face, a old politician who was suppose to die of cancer, a dog, 2 yakuzas and a naked girl. Now now, dont you all go looking for a screen capture of a naked girl. She will be there, just not on this blog. Oh and that big mysterious black ball in the center of the room of course. It starts making noise and everyone stares at it and the ending credits appear.


Recommended to…..
If you are interested in animes that divulge in the psychological areas as well as games and gruesome weird stuff then this is the anime for you. For those who are not able to stomach blood or dont want to see nude female characters then this might not that good for you. For me, i am interested in seeing how the characters and this anime will play out. There are too many unknown areas right and watching the first episode just might keep you wanting more.

Positve sides
Invites you to realise a little more about how humans think. Plus all the above stated in the ‘Recommended to..” section. ^^

Negative sides
The color is a little on the dull side, but it works for such an anime as it helps bring the gruesomeness and darkness to life. I dont really like the main lead Kei, but who knows, shall wait and see. I am not too big on the nudity as well as all the blood.

Other than the above, this just might turn out to be a good anime.

7/10 – for keeping me interested and for making me agree with some of the stuff said. Oh and of course the interesting storyline.

-ra out! ^^


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