Lucky Star 04

Is your problem with school exams procrastination?
Is your problem with being late for school because you could not sleep?
Are you are one of those who goes to school without sleep?

Well this episode is like this. Konata is always late, she gives the funniest and weirdest excuses, she always procrastinate, and she goes to school without sleep sometimes.
Does that sound like you? Cos it sounds like me.. haha..

There are so many points in this episode where you just go, “i know how that feels”.

But i guess that is the life of a student, be it if you are in an anime or in real life. ^^

Trivia from this ep – Konata mother died when she was young.

This episode was really enjoyable!
So check it out!

P.S: ep 02 and 03 were fun too! i am starting to fall in love with the opening song, it is so cute… i love Konata she is so adorable.
P.P.S:Eventhough i find this anime cute, it is not really one of those girly big eyes and typical cute characters… (i have no idea how to explain… just watch an ep and you will know what i mean!) ^_^v (it is 6.40am and i have yet to sleep, i am sooooo dead when school starts on wednesday….)

-ra out!


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