Lucky Star 05

Lucky Star!

Episode 5 was interesting…

Does this seem familiar?

Holidays, summer heat and procrastination once again.

I totally relate to that, considering i am having a 2 week holiday from college right now and today’s weather is HOT! 41 degrees in the hot summer sun of Melbourne, Australia.

Konata was feeling the heat in the world of Lucky Star as well, it is another few days of random comedy on what happens in real life, a little of the gaming world in japan and a few interesting parts, i have to say that episode 4 was more enjoyable, but still good none the less. ^^ Alrighty, shall stop here today. Take care and keep cool! Drink lotsa fluids!

-ra out!

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  1. GREAT!
    This is an awesome review!


  2. Haii! I’m gonna watch this anime nowwww ^^


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