Kaze no Stigma – Review

Animes are good stuff, especially when you are looking for some excitement in life.

For 2007, Kaze no Stigma is probably one of the entertaining Anime around.

No need to think too much,

Action? GOOD!
Comedy? Fun!
Magic? Totally!
Romance? Definitely!

It is what i would like to call a relaxing enjoyable Anime that might keep you wanting to rewatch it.
I mean, i rewatched it twice, but it is not one of those that you want to rewatch right away of course, i mean you will want to rewatch some parts right away just to relive it again.

I will just jump to the anime rather than describe it, you can read the summary on AnimeNewsNetwork.
Summary on ANN

It is an obvious shounen Anime, you might even find it typical, but i love typical stuff. The idea of the weakest becoming the strongest and being underestimated. Then come time of revelation, *BOOM!* those people who underestimated him realised how wrong they were.

On the other hand, it is not just a shounen Anime, one of the weak sides would be they focused too much on the relationship between the hero and heroine. It would have been better if they cut the romance short by an episode or 2. Some things were not that necessary.

One good thing about this anime is that the hero has a dark past (you will find out later on in the series) and the hero is not just a normal hero but rather a tortured hero in the sense that he loses his away due to his feelings. Suddenly the phrase from the Spider-Man movies pop into mind “with great power comes great responsibility”.
Do not fret, that has close to no relevance to his anime, it is just that i got reminded of that suddenly.

If you are looking for a day of fun and laughter. Something light but not halfway stupid. Something decent then Kaze no Stigma is the choice.

It is just so light hearted without the lack of taste. Anime like these can go wrong so easily, it can become corny, it can appear to be trying too hard. But not Kaze no Stigma.

A sneak in an action scene in the beginning of the first ep….

dont ask what the purple thing is…haha, just watch and you will know 😉

-read above ramblings… ^^-

This is one of Gonzo’s worser quality animations.
I cant remember how many times it was that i got irritated by how the characters looked and with the animation quality. It was quite obvious. If you surf the net you can find many people complaining about it.
This series ends with a VERY huge possibility of a season 2 but nothing has been announced.

Other than that, it is a good anime!


People who like action and want to have a fun time

Not For:

People who are very particular about the quality of the animation
People who don’t like domineering female characters

-ra out!

comment: I don’t think that the seiyuu’s voice fits Kazuma cos he sounds a little too deep, but this is just my opinion. ^^


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  1. im really crazy with this anime.. i mean how i really wish that it will have a season 2 soon… im so disappointed that there are no announcement until now..:-( their love story is really nice..and really funny..:-) how i wish ayano and kazuma will have a baby on season two..hahahha jerk..:-)


  2. haha, i do agree with you!

    i wish there were a second season of kaze no stigma, but at the very least if there is no 2nd season, learning jap and buying the novels should somehow help satisfy the thirst for more. =D


  3. I’m sorry but I couldn’t stand this series just due to how poorly written the female lead was. She quickly fell into the trope of girl who obsesses over guy even though she hates him. She also got quick to anger a lot often with no point. It seemed like the writers just didn’t want to give her a lot of time and thought so just looked up what women in generic anime often act like.


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