Tales of Symphonia OVA – 01

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Tales of Symphonia, it sounds so…. musical.. but it is not, it reminds me of an RPG game.
The main character has to complete a mission and to do that she has to go from one point to another etc.
It is only natural that the anime is like a game since it progressed from a Game Cube/PlayStation game to an anime.

Colette Brunel

Anyway, in this story, the priestess – Colette Brunel (i know, weird name), has to go on a journey to awaken spirits and become an angel and that will save the world that she is in. She likes this guy and he lives in that world and that is probably one of the main reasons behind her accepting such a task.

If you don’t like to play RPG Games, or watch anime that are so obviously adapted from games, then this might not be for you. It is really obvious that this story came from the game since the moment the Angel came to deliver the sacred message to the priestess. This is the angel..

Naturally, she accepts the task and the story begins.

The first episode starts off with a interesting opening of just a few words on a black background and a narration by the main character about how that world is – ” In this world, there are lots of sad moments.” It sounds like a nice story that might present a slice of life. But you soon realize that it is not.

Sir Kratos

Like most games where the lead is a female, she would be accompanied by her knights in shining armor.
I have to say that this knight(Sir Kratos) is cool with his funky medieval sword moves and his stylish clothing. (quite typical, but it is still pretty cool).


There is of course the guy (Lyold) who she is in love with that fights to protect her. I have to say that watching his moves was like watching a person playing a street fighting game in the arcade where they have those combi moves. This was probably where i started to lose interest in the show. He is super powered by a gem in his left hand called the exsphere and there is a mystery behind that gem.

The 2 guys and the girl have a slight meeting with the enemies(the Tethe’allans) and it is there where you get to see the fighting skills of the 2 characters.
And so the journey of this group of people begins…

Overall, to summarize what this anime is about…

1- it is from a RPG game
2-it gives the viewer the feeling that they are watching a game play out
3-the quality of the animation is not bad.
4-there is suppose to be a mystery behind that world
5-it seems like an anime to watch if you are just looking for some fun to kill time.
6-can be quite corny/typical at times

I would give it a 6/10 just cos it can entertain a person without making the audience exercise their brains.

I am not particularly enthusiastic about this anime. But maybe those people who love playing RPG games would love it. ^^

Note – It is a 4 episode OVA that covers the first half of the original game and ends after 4 eps. There might be more to come but no official statement has been given.

-ra out!

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