Shakugan no Shana II – 12

This episode has got to be one of the biggest cliff hanger eps in this season so far.
Apart for the interesting cliff hanging ending where you can expect a fight the next ep, the ep was basically senseless interaction between the characters as they participate in their school festival.

Ep 13 would be about 2 big battles over one person. Yuuji. Yup, in order not to spoil it i shall just say that over the last 12 eps, you are able to see the silver flame, get to hear more history about the Unlimited Power of Existence within Yuuji, and a love triangle.

Ok, i have to say that this is one of the animes where you might as well just watch half the episodes in the series. Honestly, the first ep was great and all, but then after that it just got boring and they had 4-5 eps just based on romance or school acitvities and what not.
I was already slightly turned off by the anime because of the harem in it. I mean, it is fine when the girls are not the whiny type or the scared type or the girlish type but rather those with attitudes and dont mind beating sense into the guy. But this is not the type of girls you see there. Probably the only slight exception is Shana, but then again she gets all girlish around him and it just gets painful to watch.

But because of the interesting storyline and action scenes i am willing to continue to watch the show. Honestly though, this is more of a half romance and half action show. I would even go ask far to say that the action is only taking a back seat in the series so far.

My hope for ep 13? Please let me be all action and no romance… if there were to be romance at least let it be about Shana and Yuuji. Oh, and please let Yuuji become less of a whiny ass.

Ok, if i were to rate the season so far…. it’d be,


i give one point to the nice animation. The leaning towards 7 is probably due to the interesting storyline at times.

-ra out-

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