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The name itself was enough to attract my attention.

There are many new animes out this season and this is one of the ones that i have been waiting for to come out. It does not seem like a anime that will be remembered as being a great hit but rather one that is enjoyable (i hope) and probably forgettable. At the very least, it is appealing and the animation seems nice.

The opening of the anime is of this red haired girl in the sea and an empty space capsule and many question marks. You are slowly introduced to the rest of the characters after that. I have only seen 5mins right now and it seems quite interesting. At least i don’t feel repulsed by the anime and am motivated to watch it.

Ryō Kanzato- oldest brother – Ayanagi City Police Chief

Shin and Jun (left-right) – middle child->youngest

Anyway, the anime continues to introduce a little bit of the past of our main chracters and tries to give us a rough idea of what sort of relationships these 3 brothers have. We also know that Jun used(?) to have a twin sister.

I like the voice characters of this anime. They sound familiar for some weird reason. But I don’t really like how the younger brother sounds like a girl at times. ^^”

Anyway, this is an psychological, mystery, drama sort of anime.

As typical of many episode 1s in animes, this one presents you with a non stop string of questions with no answers in sight by the end of ep 1.

There is a mysterious occurrence and you are brought onto a crime scene with a man who does not seem to respond to people for some reason. Shin is given a fortune reading. Ryo suddenly runs off and goes into battle through some strange methods (there will be screen caps on that later) and the youngest seems to be talking to his twin in the room.. ^^?? don’t know how that is happening.

The weirdness does not end there, Shin’s powers suddenly gets activated and he destroys one opponent and the ep ends there.

This is the screen cap of the battle between the spirit bots? (the bots seem to be coming out like souls from the characters…. weird, but interesting)

I am left wondering with…

1)just what those creatures/bots are.
2)what is going on with those people who suddenly dont respond
3)is the twin dead or does the boy have a split personality issue?
4)what is Shin’s role in this anime
5)why is the oldest brother so cold to the siblings
6)and what exactly did he want to say to his younger siblings before Shin ran off to get stuff….

Overall, it is an interesting anime with potential. It tend to fall into the weird side at times, but it is entertaining none the less.

ratings? 6.5/10
it is too early to decide.

-ra out!-


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  1. i’m watching episode 3 right now. good animation-clean and fluid. the story is pretty interesting at the moment. true, it may not have the resonance of some of its predecessors in the horror genre, but it retains a certain allure.


  2. wait, 6.5 out of TEN??? no! i’d give it an 8.5 at least!


  3. haha, i mean for that episode i would give it a 6.5 out of 10 because while it is good, it is really to early to decide whether the rest of the show will follow suit. It is a good anime with potential and hopefully it will not let us down. ^^


  4. Actually, i don’t like this kind of anime…(~.~)
    but after i watching this anime…..
    I like it…….XD
    What is that….. 6.5 out of ten(?.?)


  5. hehe….. do you wanna know what are those creatures summoned by shin? actually they are called PERSONA…. so that’s explains the title of the anime… actually, I’ve never seen PERSONA trinity soul yet, i only heard it from my friends……. now i’m looking forward to watch this anime…. hope i could… hehe.. by the way have you ever played persona on the playstation 2?


  6. me again….. plsss guys tell me, where can i watch this anime? im from philippines, and i dont know if this anime is also in here…… plsss….
    and for the rating, i’d rather put some 9.5 into it, although i’ve never watched it before but i’m certain towards this anime……


  7. lol… well… you should go and watch the anime… as for where you can watch it… you might wana try youtube… the quality is not good but it is there, if not then veoh.. or you could order the dvds.


  8. by the way saranaufogus, what’s with your name? i mean, what it’s stands for? from where are u?


  9. You might want to try playing the Persona 3 game, as this series occurs 10 years after it.


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