Major Season 4 – 01

After great anticipation the new Season of Major is out.

It is the anime that i have been anticipating the most out of this season’s batch!

Goro is now in the USA, he is penniless and only has the clothes that he is wearing on his back.
Determined to try out for the minor league he meets a new buddy and heads out.
He goes for the try outs and…. watch and you will find out! XP

It is a nice fun episodes with some exciting moments, and it is really nice to see my fav characters once again! Go GORO!!!!! I support you!

Battle of this ep
A baseball player with only fastballs. 99mph – 159km/h. No breaking balls. And a major league batter in the batting box.

Which is better? Who will win this small challenge?

Damn! The hair on my arms are standing from the excitement. Major never ceases to please and it does not fall into the typical shounen category where the leading character always wins.
Since the first season of heartbreaking story lines, this season is starting out to continue the Major story where your hopes, beliefs, dreams and desires are all out in the field.

Sit down, relax, and watch some Major if you want an anime to love.

The raw emotions in the characters is enough to make you want more!

7.5/10 -it’s just the beginning!

I think that the way goro stands up for what he believes in is really brave! Ganbatte Goro-kun!!

-ra out!

p.s. this is the only anime that i am so exicited about that i actually watch the RAWs and then the Subbed. I actually get both copies. lol… i want the Japanese set for Major! ^^ As what the Goro says….

Run towards the stage of your dreams!

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  1. hye !! unfortunelly,,,i am heading to sleep now,,i’ll read it later xd
    but just leave the comment first


  2. hi!!!!astig talaga major tama kas hi nga eto sikat but i like it so much wala pa me nkikita na dvd o kaya cd…..saan kaya ako mkakahanap?o kaya mkakahiram?…tnx


  3. =_=” i dont understand what you are saying… but i do know that you said that you like Major! MAJOR ROCKS! ^^v haha maybe you might wanna leave a comment in english? anyway, ep 2 is out!


  4. tae way au kay wala sub ang uban


  5. when will the subbers release episode 94??


  6. Where can I watch episode 16 – 26 (4th season)? Is it available on either RAW or English subbing online?


  7. where can i watch major episode 94 above……….ive just finished watching ep 93


  8. Watch here at
    Episode 16 – 24 but sad to say.. Still not dubbed,, (^.^)


  9. Hey! Where can I read the 4th season?


  10. go shigenu………gudluck sa laban mo………


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