Shakugan no Shana II – 13

An interesting episode that did not fail to entertain. Many questions were brought forth and this episode is a good build up for the plot. Finally the plot makes some progression.
Action packed for the first half of the episode, leaving with the second half to deal with the aftermath.

It was a well balanced episode and a breath of fresh air from Naruto’s latest episode.. i call the latest fight scene in naruto the ‘stare-till-you-drop’ arc.

Anyway, Pheles appears and hell breaks lose. This was where the last episode left off. Pheles is back to regain the possession of her lose love – Johan. Conflict arises and our dear hero gets so frightened he forgot that he was suppose to be keeping his flames a secret and lets lose.

Margery upon the sight of the silver flame loses her cool and starts going on a rampage. The school gets destroyed and after awhile the conflict is settled and the school is restored. Whether things will ever be the same seems as uncertain as ever.

As expected this was a good episode and it did not fail to entertain.


i just can’t seem to get myself to rate it higher due to the possible lack of something in the episode(the interesting-and-different factor is missing). I myself am not too sure, but i just felt it to be a more flashier version of what always happens (since season 1 up till now).
Too many questions unanswered, and it is a very typical shounen fight scene and storyline in my opinion.

Good fight scenes
Due to this episode, I am curious with how the season ends.

Lets hope the next episode would be just as juicy(entertainment wise) as this.

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