Major Season 4 – 02

note- this post contains ep 1 spoilers

Yup! Ep 2 is out!

Following the ending of ep 1 with Goro’s shocked face (after getting trashed), this ep starts off with them passing the first round of the try outs and….. yup, it is time for second round.

7 people passed and they are now made to compete against the Single A team – the Red Rocks. You think that is bad? Apart from that, they have to beat them to get into the next round. Mind you, there is a *major* setback for this team. Firstly, there is a racist in the team and it is spoiling the teamwork which they so badly need since they were made to start 10 runs behind!

Yes! I am not joking. 10 rounds! Goodness right? Is it even possible? Can they ever pull it off?

What can you expect from this ep?
Typical Major stuff, baseball, baseball and more baseball! Comedy, baseball, and setbacks. It is a very typical Major ep only the scene is now in USA. You get to hear the new OP for this season of Major– Rise by Ootomo Kouhei.
Opening Song –
Makes me wanna giggle. It is weird, bad but not bad. lol, it just a nice song with a weird voice behind it. ^^
Ending Song –
I like the way that they showed the baseball field empty and peaceful under the evening sky. So serene.

Clean and clear animation style
It is a really funny ep, and Goro is just so funny (though irritating with his cockiness at times). He can’t understand the people around him and he gets riled up over misunderstandings.
An improvement in his teamwork (very slight)
He just rocks the house with his pitches
Baseball every second. What’s not to love?
Horrible “english” speaking people are no longer present! (well, maybe a few secs only)
Makes me crave for the next ep!

A liiiiiiiiittle bit slower than the previous episode, pace wise that is.
Goro’s hair looks weird
It can get confusing when they speak in Jap and Goro can’t understand it cos it is suppose to be english just that they cant have the whole show in english so they speak in Jap… get it??^^” (even i am getting confuse trying to explain it)
Makes me crave for the next ep!

7.5/10 – it is very typical major so it is nothing fresh, BUT, it is still just as highly entertaining as ever.

Lets wait and see what happens next episode!

-ra out! take care!


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  1. I have to agree with the OP, the voice is definitely something that I wasn’t expecting. Yet, the song gets easily stuck in my head (haha, I can hear myself sing “owaranaiii yume wo” to myself). I think I might like it better if the voice wasn’t so strange, but oh well.


  2. lol, i totally get what you mean.. haha, it is just weird. but a nice song anyway. I am surprise that Road for Major is not singing the op or ed. They have been singing ops and eds for Major for the last 3 seasons.


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