Major Season 4 – 06

After skipping reviewing a few eps i am back here with a new review on the latest ep of Major.

Ok, it is not the quickest review, but hey, considering that i slept the whole of yesterday away this was pretty much the earliest i could get down to doing this review. heh.. ^^v

Here it is. Goro (that adorable fool) is back to being in the Minors. Why? Cos he was not good enough for the Majors and got hit continuously. After a mini duel with Sanchez(a major league pitcher) he saw their difference in skill and decided to work hard. Kinda, then he got hit so many time during his Major league debut that they threw him back to the Minors and wanted him to work from there.

My favourite part of the Major league game was the last pitch  -the change up. It was so cute seeing a flashback on little Goro and seeing how similar Goro is to when he was a kid.  Then he decided to learn how to throw curve balls and it kinda did not work for him in the second half of the match.
I shall continue the explanation of the minor league match now.

Screen shot of Goro in his Minor league uniform.
And he still has that smirk on his face. The smirk that says he has a secret. (well, dont worry, his secret this time is not a big one)

Anyway, guess who hit against Goro?

Gibson Junior. No kidding. And he looks good also. But he is an irritating character that is snobbish. However, he is talented and is expected to enter the majors next season at the age of 19.

Anyway, after hitting goro’s pitch all the way to the backscreen they got into an arguement.
The young lad was saying blaming Goro’s dad for his misfortunes and was acting highly disrespectful to the dead by insulting Goro’s dad non-stop.
And as you expect out of our hot headed lead character. He lost his cool and got into a fight. This led to him getting kicked out.

As he was leaving he met Sanchez and sanchez was nice and all telling Goro that he was not an old man and he should stop trying to throw old man pitches(curve ball) and just concentrate on his fastballs – The gyroball.

Anyway, it is ep 6 and the plot has been progressing at a steady rate. My only fear for this season is that they will drag it out and not include the world championships into this season. That would destroy a good anime. But if they are looking to earn more cash then they just might do that so as to have themselves another season. But if they do add in the world championship game (crosses fingers) this might be the last season of Major for quite some time as the anime would have caught up to the manga.

Whatever path they choose. I pray that they would cut poor Goro some break. Putting in a little bit of prince of tennis style into Goro’s luck might be good. The poor lad keeps on losing and suffering. His dad dies, and then he gets injured, and then he gets trashed by an arrogant ass and the list will continue i assure you. It is a good anime. But maybe having the lead be happy once in awhile might not be that bad of an idea. What do you all think?


all in all a good ep, just dont like seeing our hero getting tortured so much.

-ra out!- ^^

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