Shigofumi – 01&02

Shigofumi on ANN

After watching the first 2 eps i have to say that Shigofumi was worth the watch. It is is sweet and sad and nice. (nice is such a bland word, but yeah, nice)

The story is about the delivery of final wishes/words from the afterlife to people who are still alive and well.

The first 2 eps is the first of what i think is going to be many arcs.
It seems like this anime would be an arc to arc based plot.

The first arc revolves around the life of this girl, the death of her father, the death of her friend, and her tortured feelings towards each of them.

May contain spoilers…

The father had sent a letter to the daughters girlfriend from the afterlife stating how she had killed him. In the end, the so called boyfriend got killed and that was the reason behind why the father sent the letter in the first place(he is such an ass right?). Furthermore, the one who killed them was the girl. The guy is a adorable fool, and he is so much in love with the girl that even after death he still says sorry to her. She has a dark secret and after it is revealed you can’t felt but understand why she killed the dad. As for the guy, she gave a reason and it seems really acceptable, just that i dont really like the fact that she killed him. Anyway, Rocket is the name of the second ep and it is really nicely done. The desperation in her attempts the way she ended up and the ending was done in a really nice and smooth manner that nothing came as a too big a shock and everything was done in a timely manner.

I actually teared up towards the end of the second ep. I can’t believe that at just the second ep i am already tearing up, however, this is not to be mistaken as being a sad anime. It is a psychological drama anime.


Cant wait for more to come!


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