Shigofumi – 03

The 3rd ep – Friends

The show starts of with a boy playing his game on his hand phone and it looks as though he was about to commit suicide. He didn’t.
If i might add, i really thought he was about to die. Lol, the poor kid, now you know why your mom say to stop playing your games children!

Anyway, you realise that he really was thinking about what it would be like to jump infront of a train. That expression says it all. The look of shock was really funny. haha ( you realise he is quite dumb too cos he wanted to know what it was like to jump, but not die)

Then the theme song starts. A comment on the songs, the opening theme is weird, it has a funny *twang* to it. The sound effects used in the show were quite typical suspense/spooky music.

Main point of the ep – his friend killed himself, by jumping… (nope, not train) off a roof.

The aftermath of the suicide resulted in the father holding the school hostage and you get a glance at something interesting during that time. Perhaps a glance of the past of the girl who deliver the letters…

At the end of the episode you are left with the question… who is Mikawa Kirameki?

Overall, a pleasant episode. No complaints… i felt like i could relate to the episode in some sense. What happens if you just jump. Sometimes i feel like jumping off a building or in front of a train. Like they said, it is not that we want to die, but it is not that we want to live as well. (but since i am still alive and have not given in to my curiosity and jumped in front of a train or off a building, i guess i would rather live than die.)

Rating… 7.5/10 Nice plot, nice ending that leaves the audience wanting to know more. My only complaint is that i wished the 2nd story was longer.

-ra out!-


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