Shigofumi – 04-09

I just watched the rest of the eps of shigofumi (well, up till the latest release at least) and i have to admit that it was not at all where i thought the direction of the show was heading.

Recurring cast of Shigofumi. (They are heading to an island for a break!(ep9))

I thought it would be another Ghost Hunt arc by arc kinda plot, however, you realize that apart from the first two eps, the rest are all tied together. There is a little hint of romance and the plot builds up from ep 4-8 about the past of Fumika (the Shigofumi girl).
Ep 9 gives you a view into the life of another Shigofumi girl. It is a short and sweet ep and while the episodes do revolve around the delivery of letters to the dead, the interesting parts of the story is not about those letters but rather about the story behind the people who receive them.

I like the animation style for this anime and it makes it an enjoyable treat.
A relaxing plot with just enough suspense to keep you going and characters(main as well as the supporting casts) that you are able to relate to at times.

Until so far, i would give it a rating of…….. 8/10
It is not the greatest, but it is above average.

People who like a bit of suspense and slice of life in their anime.

-ra out!-


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