Devil May Cry Review

Nice. Really really nice. Sweet!

This is probably one of the only 12 episode anime that has a nicely resolved ending that answers all the questions without it being too hasty. The fighting scenes are highly entertaining and while this may not be the most complex of plots it is good enough. You will not feel bored (for it is a short series) and it is not really an episode by episode storyline.

If you thought that this anime was just about killing devils, then you are 3/4 right. However you do get a chance to see the history behind the characters and the each episode ties in quite nicely. There are no filler episodes or wasted time. I am hooked on the OP song, just cos it is good – a hint of spookiness and rock.

Overall, it is an anime with a relatively high re-play value and even though it probably would not stick in your mind after a week or so, you do not feel as though you wasted your time watching this anime.

Rating – 9/10 (i know some others would argue that it is not worth such a high rating, but this is a personal preference.)

Personal POVs – The animation, the color, the character design, they reminded me of trinity blood. ^^ I have no complaints over this anime.

-images to be uploaded later, flickr is giving me probs-

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  1. Hi!
    I’d just stoping by ^_^
    is this the anime you are talking about?


  2. Hihi! Okay, this is going to sound dumb but, who is this? ^^;

    Anyway, this anime is good stuff. You should catch it.


  3. sorry if I just comment like that ^^a
    I just happend to found your blog from WordPress tagsearch ^^a

    Thanks for the recommend ^_^


  4. lol, no probs! i don’t mind you commenting like that.. i actually welcome it. i was just wondering if i knew who you were cos you sounded familiar(if you don’t think that is weird)… hahaha.. ^^

    do you have any anime to recommend?


  5. Until now, I don’t have any other anime to recommend ~_~ except Persona trinity soul, but that anime is not too exciting than Devil May Cry.

    I kinda lost track on what anime which is best to watch.

    Hmm… maybe you can try Glass fleet or Garasu no Kantai. Or… Le Chevalier D’eon for people who love history with another ++ of mistic and misteries ^_^


  6. Hmmm, i have seen persona, up until the recent eps, but i was quite dissapointed with it… got to lazy to even bother to review on that anime.

    As for le chevalier, i agree that it is good (have not seen the whole thing though, kinda stop halfway and never got down to finishing it) Glass fleet? alright! might give that one a try! ^^ thanks!


  7. well for chevalier, I just watch the some what 1-8 eps, then lost track of the middle part, and then watch the 8 eps of the end XD

    hmm… if you like a bit of comedy, you can try Saiounkoku monogatari. now it’s second session.


  8. haha, yup i have seen that one, it is not bad. It was quite different from the trailer that i saw on the television. The preview made it out to be a comedy but it is actually quite a serious show. ^^ (check out my review on that anime if you have the time) heh


  9. Hi…you’re right about your reviews…sound, animation and story are perfectly fit together. No dull moment like running around shouting while fighting. It’s straight to the point. I willl definitely not regret waiting for it to buffer. I don’t know if you’ve already seen deathnote? not an action packed anime but interesting. I don’t know, I just like the excitement of thinking what will happen like that ugly devil who keeps following Dante.

    One more thing, the twin brothers talked about Dante’s father being alive. I wonder what he look like.Hmm… White hair and white beard also with horns? I’ll wait…


  10. just requesting, can you review Gundam 00, please? ^_^
    want to know from your point of view… but if you don’t it’s ok.


  11. hey there, long time no see! anyway, i dont mind reviewing it, have not seen it yet though, plus school work is piling up and all. but it is one of the anime that i have on my list to see. so i would most likely review it. ^^ (though you might have to wait awhile) 😉


  12. Oh ! another anime too… you might need to add to the list.
    First you need to watch Ayakashi – samurai horror tales, then continue it with a tv series anime called Mononoke 🙂
    I had just watch Mononoke, and for me it’s kinda interesting ^_^

    Don’t worry, I’ll wait 🙂
    Everyone had their life to go on ^_^

    I’m very curious of what other people who watch Gundam 00, think about this anime. hopefully from the side who is not a Gundam fan like me.


  13. haha, i am not a gundam fan, but i dont hate it anyway.
    i did see the first 2 eps i think. it was pretty interesting but it seemed like this is going to be a tiring anime to watch. hopefully it is not.


  14. same here, I don’t hate it. But I’m bored with it ^^a I mean, there are too many Gundam series. it kept on popping out XD

    that’s why I want to find some other’s review who is not a big fan of Gundam. Because like Gundam Seed, many Gundam mania was disappointed. They said the story was too common, in which in my point of view the story was good. even the character development etc.

    well curiosity kill the cat anyway XD


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