Major Season 4 – 07

Finally ep 07 subbed by MJN is out! and so here is the review of this ep!

It is a nice ep.

Goro has finally found a team that he can stay on and i am looking forward to seeing what this team can do. They sound quite….

Spoilers ahead…

This team is a pure batting team. You first see them playing defense when Goro has to be the closer for an exhibition game as his tryout for the team. And honestly? Their defense suck! lol. Why? Cos they are batters! One point after another scoring non stop. lol.

The spoken english in this ep is quite hillarious, cos of the japanese accent, it sounds quite funny when the guys are suppose to be American.

Ok, so here it is. Goro Shigeno is officially in a Triple A team and will be the pitcher for the Memphis Bats!

As usual, our dear Goro is so cute. And while he is still his arrogant self, he has learn some self control.

Lets wait and see what ep 08 has in store for us! ^^

Rating? well, i don’t really have a rating for this ep. =P


-ra out!


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  1. yo! haha, go and watch major!!! it is good stuff!! you won’t regret it!


  2. please watch major season 3 in hero TV mon-fri 12:30 noon and 9:30 pm don’t forget to watch!…….. also, I would like to suggest that pls. don’t forget to comment ha!…..Sana, mapanood na namin ang major season 4 maganda naman siguro eh! because, I read that there is season 4 in major!… lalo na I read that Shimizu tell her feelings to Goro and they became couple. we like major, also my classmates Jerma and Alyssa! So pls! don’t forget to watch major season 3 after yan ng The Prince Of TeNniS!…….(“,)


  3. Hello guys! this is Jerma for short Jem! in Daet Camarines Norte! nood ako ng major season 3 ^^, I mean all seasons of major..!(“‘) :-)…………………………………….


  4. i love this
    game !!!


  5. kaazar naman ung
    hero TV……..
    na putol sa kaido

    sa tingin nyo
    tuloy-tuloy na un? nakaka btin kasi


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