Ookiku Furikabutte (aka Oofuri) – Review

Oofuri on ANN

Baseball, Boys and high school.

This sounds quite like Major does it not?

But besides the words in common and the sport of baseball, those 2 anime are pretty much different in the rest of the aspects.

Oofuri VS Major

I know it is wrong to compare anime, but I can’t help myself but to compare both of the anime with each other.
While Major brings us heartache and trials as well as happiness.
Oofuri brings us a somewhat similar route as that of the prince of tennis. The main character develops and gets better and he does not lose.

One thing in common though is that both lead characters can be loser at times. haha, and while Goro from Major makes me find it adorable, Mihashi from Oofuri just makes it downright irritating.

Pace of the anime?

Oofuri goes in a much slower pace as compared to Major. Throughout the span of the anime, we see 3 matches. the final match (and the first round of the competetion only) takes up almost half of the season. However I would have to say that they do go into detail of how the match progresses and how each inning is played out. And i like this aspect of Oofuri. While the main character takes the spotlight, the rest of his team mates are not too far in the background. Actually, through this you are able to properly enjoy baseball being played as a team sport.

I am not saying that Major is not that way, but what makes Major so good is that it moves at such a fast pace that I feel that there are no wasted eps, and no match that was too brief.


I cannot stand the whiny and back-boneless Mihashi. He lacks self confidence, and we know why that is from the first arc of the series. Mihashi splits his grids up into 9 sections and is able to have precise control over where the ball lands up. However, his pitches are really slow.
Why is he able to win the matches with slow pitches? After all i am sure that if the pitch is slow, no matter what sort of control he has it would still get hit.
Well, i definitely thought about that when i first saw them winning against the other team in their first match. However, this is where you get to see the importance of the catcher and his signs. You are able to carefully observe the workings of a good battery in play. Mishashi’s success is practically owed to the catcher(Takaya Abe). I like the interaction and the way we get to observe the whole play. And while in Major we know that the catcher is important (observe Goro and Toshi) we don’t really know how important it really is.


While many fan girls would love this(oofuri) anime for the non stop hints of BL (boylove(yaoi)) stuff. Guys might feel a tad bit uneasy. But it can’t be help. It is a baseball team where you only have guys on it (‘cept for the manager and coach).

But if you love baseball or have an interest in it. Give this anime a shot. It is not too shabby and it might help you understand the game better. I know it did for me.

I just dont believe the fact that Mihashi’s (no matter how good and intuitive the catcher is) slow pitches were that effective

Rating? 7.5/10

There are a few filler eps here and there, I don’t like the way the anime ended with only the first round of the competetion over.
Futher more, we never got to really see the interaction of Abe’s previous pitcher and what happened between them.
I hope for a second season. Afterall, all the characters (cept for Mihashi) are lovable.

An image of our dear pitcher crying. He does that ALOT. haha.

-ra out!

Do you think that Mihashi’s pitches were realistic? As in effectiveness wise.


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  1. Hi. Not sure if you still write on this blog but I just got finished watching this series. I had actually gotten through up to episode 24 where they beat Tousen but I couldn’t find a way to watch the remaining episodes so I just kind of forgot about it until today.

    Anyway I agree that it would’ve been nice to see the whole tournament or some type of continuation of the series. There was a sort of awkward, abrupt ending to the series but I think the idea is that this is a series about baseball and life as a highschool student that doesn’t focus on just the main character.

    I think what’s interesting about this anime that really puts it above a series like major, or one outs, or any anime that’s sports oriented, (even a classic such as hajime no ippo) is relationship between each person’s “unrealistic” qualities/circumstances. I.e. you ask the question of whether or not I think that Mihashi’s pitches are realistic… I don’t think it’s realistic but it’s not as if he has some magical power or something like. First of all this is highschool, not professional baseball so I think it’s safe to assume it’s not out of the question that slow pitches could be effective. More importantly I think that we need to put the “unrealistic” qualities of some of these characters into perspective.

    Particularly Mihashi, his effectiveness with a slow pitch and his unusual qualities as a pitcher are never at the forefront of the anime. This anime/story doesn’t revolve around the uniqueness of these characters and their circumstances but focuses on relationships. That is what drives this anime and is what’s important. Mihashi’s pitch is merely a medium for the story. But that isn’t to say that baseball, as well as all the different special qualities and circumstances are merely plot devices either. Their associations to the characters, the mood, the relationships, and the behavior of these characters are essential. That coherence I think should be applauded. Rarely do you see such a fluid storyline in anime, especially one that has to do with sports and I think this series is by far the best sports anime hands down.. no question about it really.


  2. I haven’t seen Major, but I really think that Ookiku Furikabutte’s good qualities is that its much more a story about HS baseball and young, inexperienced players growing and building relationships, than it is about winning and kicking ass. I really like that it’s slow and focuses on more than winning through pure mad skill and fast, forceful pitches.

    For Mihashi, he’s not your typical cool, cocky, sexy protagonist that is so ubiquitous in anime/manga. His spinelessness is a character flaw that makes him realistic and not someone I think is “hawt”, but someone I can really sympathize with. Even the other characters have pretty big personality flaws… Abe is a control-freak and his relationship with Mihashi is a little too unbalanced to be healthy. Hanai is jealous of Tajima. Haruna is kind of an asshole. Etc.

    I really think Oofuri is a fantastic series, and the only kind of sports series I could truly enjoy. It’s one of those series that supports the rule, “the best series are the ones about absolutely nothing.”

    Oofuri, on paper, is a just a story about a puny highschool baseball team trying to make it to national champions. But when you actually get into the meat of it, there’s so much there that can’t ever be explained in a summary.

    I feel that it’s a bit like Lovely Complex. That series is really about NOTHING. it’s a tall girl and a short boy and there’s no angsty past or crazy drama, yet somehow it’s so much more moving and appealing than your typical rife-with-antics romance. Oofuri really has a special quality… The characters are the most powerful thing in the story, not because they are super cool or badass, but because they are like real boys, with realistic skills, quirks, fears, and strengths.


  3. pues a mi me encanto esta serie, es de las mejores, pero es un desperdicio si se queda hasta aquiii deben de hacerle continuacion para que tenga mejores criticas, ya que el final que tuvo nos dejo con sed de ver mas capitulos y de ver que pasa con el desarrollo de los personajes, esperemos que haya una segunda temporada y que se le de el reconosimiento que se merece esta serie que tiene para dar mucho masss, XD jijijij, nos vemos :p


  4. I’ve watched Major and Oofuri, and I must say I like Oofuri better for its slow pace and big emphasis on the team portion of baseball. Major always revolves around Goro, who is simply the best pitcher on the team and the only reason why the team keeps winning. In essential so to speak, Major is a powerhouse shounen anime, you got the super cool and strong and super confident main character who just kicks every other team as he goes to get the trophy. I can’t symphatize with something like that and Major’s Goro melts in with the billion others like him in the anime world. Mihashi’s personality and actions make him a unique character. I went through a period of time where my self confidence was just as low if not lower than Mihashi’s. I have met someone like Abe and yes that helped me get back on my feet. So I can sympathize with Mihashi. Oh and honestly speaking about the boys love thing, I don’t think thats what it is at all. Is it wrong for a catcher to try to cheer up his pitcher? I don’t think so and unless you are reading too deeply and flower coating and pink hearting ever thing that Abe does, you won’t see their friendship as love… Trust me if you flower coat and pink heart anything in life, it becomes love. So that way of viewing is quite an individual thing. When I watched this the first time, I never thought that that was how it was at all until i read this post lol.


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