Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- Tokyo Revelations OVA review

Tokyo Revelations OVA on ANN



As Sakura, Syaoran, Fai, and Kurogane continues their travel across many worlds, the other “Shaoran” wakes up. The Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations reveals Fei Wong Reed’s intention, and the mystery to Shaoran’s right eye. – AnimeNewsNetwork

This is a really good OVA. I have yet to see  the whole TV series (saw the first ep to get a general idea of the anime) but even so, just from watching this anime i got to understand the characters and have grown to like them.

Many of CLAMPs characters from their previous creations appear in this anime, but i am sure everyone knows that. But seeing those charcters with different personalities or in different circumstances bring a fresh look onto the whole series.

Watching this OVA made me feel like watching the TV series just to see what happens next. It has its fair share of action, romance, pretty graphics, and a good plot. Nice tension a climax and a fading out back into the original idea of chasing after the flowers.

Without having to watch the TV series, I felt that this 3 episode OVA brought many answers to possible previously unanswered questions. (i am not sure since i have yet to see the series myself) but i know that we did manage to get a whole lot of information from this OVA and i am happy for that fact. At least i did not feel lost while i watched the anime.

Rating? 8/10

It is not great, but it is a good piece to watch if you want to fill up that short amount of free time that you have in your busy life.

-ra out!

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  1. I’ve watched it too… I prefer the manga though… There were some parts that weren’t there too… Do you know if there would be a season three coming soon?


  2. hmm, as of yet there seems to be no plans for a season 3. But who knows?


  3. Haha! I hope they’d have it! the part about fai’s past in the manga just killed me… well, not really… but anyways! I love fai!!! T_T… I wonder how they’d do it in the anime… 😀


  4. well, i guess we would just have to wait and see eh? haha


  5. AHHH!!! There are some many unanswered questions..lol, I love this anime/manga….


  6. ahhh!!! i just recently watch the tsubasa chronicle n havent finish it yet but it would be nice if they can conitue this anime tho. yeah ur right about not that rev all unanswer questions sigh….


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