^^; believing is seeing? or maybe pokemon is enough to make everyone crazy…

Now i know why my mom said that i was watching too much cartoons, and why it was no good to watch cartoons. When you see kids that believe that those characters are real, that is when you know you have a problem. ^^:

Link 1

I am not saying that they are crazy or anything. After all, anything is possible, but honestly? a rip in the world between ours and the pokemon world? I use to love pokemon and stuff like that, i was a crazy lois and clark fan (american drama series in the 1990s) but i never thought that they would appear in OUR world. THE REAL world. Maybe it was just a smudge on the window or smth. ^^;
I hope i wont be saying that i happen to see superman flying in the sky anytime soon.
growing old means getting senile but i don’t want that happening anytime soon.

Link 2

KIDS!!! give it a break. No one knows who god really is so you might not be wrong…. BUT STILL?!?!?!? ^^: i think i might faint. If the world were left in the hands of this youngsters i wonder what will become of Earth.

I pray that those are youngsters on the message boards. For the sake of both the world and i.

-ra out!


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  1. Wanna get crazy?

    Forget Pokemon, and be informed with the NBA Dance Team.

    That’s if you want the pretty cheerleaders in the NBA.

    here’a a link: http://3critical.wordpress.com


  2. Uh… I think they were just trolling?


  3. But seriously, those threads are made of win! I’ll bookmark it for future comic relief.

    Thanks for the links!! ^_^


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