Kekkaishi ep 51

Kekkaishi on ANN

It is the final arc of the anime series Kekkaishi and the second last episode.
Upon seeing his friend in trouble he lost it and created this HUGE kekai that destroys everything. The difference is that this one allows someone else to be inside. Yoshimori is not breathing and is unconscious and everyone is trying their best to wake him up and stop this barrier.

This ep ends when, Tokine tries to enter the barrier by using a technique that she had previous succeeded in doing. Which is by passing a barrier. What happens next in the season finale? Well, we just have to wait and see.

This is definitely the climax episode of the whole season. I quit enjoyed this arc cos it meant that kekkaishi was finally going somewhere. The first half of the season was practically the same thing happening over and over agian.

Anyway, be sure to catch the next ep if you wanna know what happens. Does Tokine die? Does Yoshimori die? Is Yoshimori’s barrier stronger than his bro’s? And what is going to happen to that alternate realm. Hmmm, lots of things to think about.

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  1. j’ai pas encore vu l’épisode 51 de kekkaishi parce que dans ma région de la Polynésie Française ça refuse de lire l’episode …


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