Kekkaishi ep 52(final)

Kekkaishi has finally come to an end. The Kokubourou arc has come to an end and everything is fine and back to normal in the world of Kekkaishi.

Farewells were said


And our dynamic duo is back to fighting ayakashi and protecting their land.

I won’t say that I did not enjoy the anime, it was quite an enjoyable anime to watch, especially the 2nd half of the series. However, I do think that it could do with a less typical shounen plot. Overall, it is an above average anime. ^_^



It kept me fairly entertained throughout the series. The ending arc was interesting and exciting. However, this is a very straight forward anime without a complex plot.
Though there are some mysteries that remain to be solved, the plot seems to follow a very direct question and answer style.

It is a fun series to watch but I would say that it is aiming at the younger audience of perhaps 12-15?
Apparently this anime was made with the intention of teaching the younger generation in Japan that hardwork does pay of and you have to work hard if you wish to improve etc.

-ra out


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