Shigofumi ep 12(final)

Surprise surprise! 2 of them!
and they are pissed at each other…

now Fumi is crying…

which leads to Mika crying as well…

and they both lived happily ever after… ^_^


Well, this is *kinda* what happened during the last ep. In the previous ep, the ending was kind of a cliffhanger and we were left to ponder if Fumi shot Mika. Well, this ep we find out she didn’t. Fumi became quite an arrogant kid in this ep though.
She FINALLY told someone of the abuse she got from her father, and i like the way they played out that part.
The after events of the accusation was nicely done, she became an overnight celebrity and people started to talk about her. But none of what was said was actually good. They commented on her beauty, they commented on how she was lying or how she was out to ruin her dad.
And it was normal for Fumi to get insecure (since she already is an expert at that), and she started to get somewhat paranoid.

Her mother was a classic though. Her mom was so… bimbotic.
When Fumika wanted to get acknowledge by her mother, her mom just hugged her and said how pretty she was (all thanks to the good genes) and how she hope Fumi will be happy. Yup, she ditch the kid to be with a boyfriend. Apparently she is not ready to be a mother cos she loves being a woman. (reminds me of my own mother…^^; .
Best thing yet, she wanted to feel what being a real woman was all about so that was why she decided to do the whole marriage, giving birth thing.
Yes, thing.

Lol, well, it served as somewhat of a comic relief I guess.

Overall, though it was a short series, i had some fun with it. It is not the greatest thing ever, but it was not horrible either.
The fact that this anime got licensed in the USA just 2 months after the first part came out on DVD in Japan must mean something.

Yes, the American companies are getting greedy… 30 bucks for one ep! oh, but there is a “better” deal 40 bucks for 2 eps! WHAT A SAVE!!! =.=” I know that they want to shorten the gap between the released in Japan and in the States so that sales will hopefully pick up. But if I remember my economics (or if i remember common sense) increase prices usually results in decrease in the sales. 40 dollars is just too expensive. 40 bucks for the whole season might be worth considering if they can get it released just as fast.

Anyway, back on topic.

It is an ok show. A episodic kind of thing except for the last 3 eps that became somewhat of an arc I guess.
The idea of delivering letters from the dead was an interesting one, I just wished that they focused more on that rather then turn it into a story of Fumika. I get that she is the lead but if the whole story of her was played out over the whole series instead while being intertwined with the plot of delivering the last letter, it would be much better.
But this is my personal opinion.
I just felt that the plot veered kind of off-course towards the end.



Just like Kekkaishi, interesting, ok, entertaining. It is a short series and i am glad that it is a short one. There was not much of a story behind Fumika anyway. (I felt so dissapointed).

The targeted audience would probably be kids from 14>

There is nothing gruesome or anything. It is just that it is not much of a fun plot with pretty bombastic colors that kids would like.
Plus most of the time the characters are not even bashing each other up. Where’s the fun in that for a kid?

-ra out!



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