Detective Conan Movie 11 – Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure

DC movie on ANN

The Detective Conan 11th Movie is finally out and I have finally manage to watch it.

It was a nice typical Detective Conan story. Conan sloves the case and they lived in the land of Conan where time never pass happily ever after.

Honestly, you’d think that after more than a decade the kid would at least age by a year. But nope, with more than 500 eps and more than dunno how many hundred cases solved, he is still the same age.

But i still like this show.

Especially if Hattori Heiji were to appear in the show. But, sadly, he is nowhere to be seen in this movie. O well.

This movie is like an extension of a normal DC episode just like all the other DC movies. This one is about treasure hunting and diving, underwater caverns, and a buried treasure. Friendship, and waiting. However, I did not really like this movie. It was a very normal storyline with not much tension in it. I found it border lining on boring.

My favourite DC movie has still got to be The Phantom of Baker Street one. That was such an exciting movie to watch.  Not like this one. I just hope the next movie would be better.

Rating… 6/10 


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  1. ohhh, my fave is movie no 6 as well!!!! 🙂 maybe because i am actually a huge fan of sherlock holmes…but i found it intriguing the way the plot unreveiled…


  2. Same! i thought that the way that they manage to maintain the high level of suspense all the way until the end was really good. Plus the whole Sherlock mystery was really cool.
    I also like the air of spookiness that filled that movie ^^ I hope that the 12th movie would be as good as the 6th.


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