Heiji’s Appearances

I don’t know if you like Heiji or are as curious as I am as to the episodes in which Hattori Heiji appears in.

But after much hardwork and sourcing, I found this website that has all the episodes that Heiji has so far appeared in.

I mean, instead of going through ep by ep (don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind doing that, it is just that 400 eps is ALOT), now I am able to find out which eps Heiji appears in. Thank You whoever you are who set up that site!!!

alright… so here is the link

I just think that the smarty pants is so adorable. (o^_^o)

-ra out!

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  1. xxxenigmaxxx

    ahm, where can i watch DC episodes?


  2. you can try going to
    They stream episodes and you can download them as well. ^^


  3. thank you so much for the Heiji’s appearance link


  4. You can also find episodes in which ANY one of your chosen character(s) appeared. Go to: http://www.websunday.net/conandb/top.html

    and then tick the characters you want, they’ll give you a list. The site is in Japanese, but you can click on each episode on the list, and they would tell you which volume and which file it’s in. 🙂 You can also select two characters at once: eg: Kudou and Hattori, and then you can see the episodes in which both of them appeared!

    Hope you have fun. I spent time looking for Hattori episodes at one point as well, 🙂




  5. I don’t get it… the Episode numbers on the Kamasama’s site don’t match the real episodes for some reason… is there a difference between the order of the european DC TV shows and the japanese ones? if yes, could anyone please tell me how to “calculate” the actual european episode nr ?


  6. i dont know if there is a difference, but i usually use AnimeNewNetwork to figure out what the title and ep no. is for an ep. =D


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