Hare Hare Yukai in Prison o_o

Now I’ve seen everything.

Haruhi is taking over the world.

I have no idea what to say to this.

-ra stunned.


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Posted on April 1, 2008, in Randomness and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. that’s no prison!

    i hope…*gulps*


  2. it is!! it really is! i am not kidding, it is a prison in the Philippines.


  3. thats how you get evidence, that all anime freaks go to jail.


  4. not to be biast, but its true…..perhaps. Not to mention that i myself am in jail for a reason i dont know why. i sneaked in a mini pocket sized i-phone, and am on the internet now. *(obvious)*. it saddens me that an unmentionable foe is right in the next cell, and that my revenge is soo close. I must find a way out of here, eat my way through the bars. i got an idea…leaving the internet. *evil laugh *!!!! hehehe!!!! and ***disaperates***


  5. got the jail keeper to get me keys, by bribing him with the cookies.


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