Kyou Kara Maou R!


I just finish watching ep 4 of KKM R! And throughout the whole thing I was so certain that this OVA was a build up to the new season coming out this month.
However, at the end of ep 4 of the OVA there was a preview for the next episode of KKM R! and it was a continuation to the plot in the first ep. As such, I am somewhat confuse right now as to what is going on and what will happen later on.

I cannot figure out what the main purpose of KKM R! is, however I guess it can be seen as a 2 hours long preview to the next season.

New characters are introduced that will most likely play a crucial role in the upcoming season…

Old characters are brought back…

And some funny incidents happen…

Honestly, though I had fun with this short OVA, I must be frank that this anime was somewhat of a mess.

The first episode was great with some tension, some mystery, some bigger thing going on, comic relief moments here and there, the end of the first ep had created a build up for a bigger storyline and danger.

The second~fourth episode however, we are back in Shin Makoku and it seemed like nothing happened. I guess now thinking about it, ep 2-4 might be somewhat of a “before-ep-1” sort of situation. In these eps we see episodic situations happening and we find out that Shin Ou is still around and he plans on popping by now and then.

My guess would be that ep 5 would be a continuation of ep 1 and it would end there and continue in the new season. Right now I just don’t really know.

I had fun, I laughed, I felt that I should hide my head in the ground at times (due to some lame moments), but it was entertaining enough.

Perhaps this anime has diverted from being a teenage anime to more of a young teens sort of anime. For a moment when I was watching it I felt like one of those kids that watched Pokemon. (^_^!) But I have loved KKM since it’s debut and I still love it.

While there will probably be serious moments with some good fighting scenes and hillarious moments, this might not be an anime for people who are sourcing for a “quality” plot in an anime. There is nothing to deep here that a primary school kid would not understand(at least in my opinion).
The animation for the OVA is decent and borderlining on nice at times. The characters are of course goodlooking 😉

I would really like to see where this anime is headed both for the OVA and the new season that is to come out.

If anyone knows what is happening or what is about to happen, I would be glad if you could tell me.

-ra out!

Kyou Kara Maou R! 05 review

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  1. Episode 4 seems like something that happened before they found the 4th box as in one scene where Murata was speaking to Ulrike, there were only 3 boxes. By right, there should be no boxes after season 2 since they were destroyed.

    There are also a few loose ends, like who exactly is the Risu-chan Gwendal mentioned, and why doesn’t he let the maids clean his room.

    My guess is that with the exception of episodes 1 and 5 (not sure about these two), episodes 2 to 4 were events that happened within the time-line of the original two seasons and their purpose is to introduce things which might be mentioned in season 3 or else to act as a filler to bring the total episodes of the OVA up to 5 instead of just 2 XD


  2. ^^ that sounds interesting…. i had not thought of it that way until you mentioned it. Hmm… you might be right.


  3. Sounds good! I’ve already watch it…^^ so interesting..! You’re right!


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