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Comedy on ANN

The first time I saw comedy was probably a couple of years ago. Back then I was hanging out with my friends and the iPod video had just came out. I remember my friend being eager to show us a clip on her iPod and she could not stop praising it.

That short clip was the Comedy OVA.

Since then I have decieded that the small screen on the iPod did it little justice and so I went to watch it on Youtube and then finally, I got the OVA from here.

Before I say more here are some screen caps.

Our Heroine

Our Hero

A battle.

During Ireland’s War of Independence, a five year old girl set out to save her village from the English army, by trying to find the rumored skilled swordsman living in a nearby castle, who only takes books of a certain genre as payment, only known as the Black Swordsman.-ANN

This is just a short animation that will take up around 10minutes of your time.
I felt that it was really a quality animation.
A decent interesting storyline.
A nice dark setting.
Good background art.
Nice animation.
There is some action, some mystery, some blood, some comedy, and it makes you want somemore.

For such a short animation it manage to accomplish a lot.

All in all, it was a great watch.
Watching it on youtube is fine and all, but you really experience it when it is full screen.
Youtube has the annoying habit to cut down the file size and thus compromising the video quality (I can understand why, it is a streaming site after all).
But give it a shot.
Like I said, it takes up 1o minutes of your time. Maybe even lesser than that.

If that is not good enough, Hikaru Midorikawa is the voice actor of the part of The Black Swordsman. It would be a slight incentive. 😉

Rating – 9/10

-ra out

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  1. looks bloody….but 10 minutes to accomplish all those , really will give it a try .


  2. hahahha…comedy!! yay!

    i loved it…it’s STILL on my ipod mind you xD along with other *ahem* stuff…


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