Kyou Kara Maou! Season 3 – 01 (ep 79)

Ok, I just saw the first ep of the new season of KKM! and I am starting to feel uneasy about it.


Firstly, it seems like there is trouble brewing in the KKM! world and everyone knows what is going on except for Yuri.
Though I have to give credit to the boy, he is not as dense as he was in the previous seasons and he does know that something is going on. However, we do not know exactly what.

Secondly, it seems like Wolfram might be the next maou?!?!?! =_=

-End of Spoilers-

Alright, that is what I got out of this ep.

Here are some screen caps!

I haven’t a clue who these people are and what their purpose in this anime is. But they are probably the ‘heads’ of the different regions in Shin Makoku(or so I am guessing).

We see Wolfram getting into a battle this ep, and we see everyone treating Yuri really coldly. Why? Who knows? We would have to watch on to find out.

It seems like this episode picked off right where ep 78 stopped and the characters from the OVA are not in sight anywhere. I guess the OVA really is just the OVA on it’s own. 😉

And one more thing!
The OP and ED for this season is really different from the others. It is much more soothing, which is really unlike the loud and noisy OP for the previous seasons. (but i love them all!!) (^_^)v

Fun parts!

Shori is super jealous of Murata for sticking so close to his younger brother.
Gunter has his usual nose bleed episode. 😛

Overall, it was a fun episode that looks to be building up to a big arc.

-ra out!
KKM ep 2 review


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  1. <333 Thank you for the pics! Ahh! I can’t want for the subs!! ~~ Literally dying of impatience…


  2. Lol, you’re welcome.
    I am dying to see the subbed version as well so that i can fully understand what is going on. ^_^ I heard that Shoku-Dan has decided to pick the new season up, so lets just wait and hope they will get it done fast.


  3. Is that first guy Wolfram’s father? He’s a relative anyway.


  4. I haven’t got a clue if the first guy is Wolfram’s dad. But they really do look alike. I can’t read jap so I have no idea what is written on there… but the words are suppose to be an introduction as to who they are… sorry ^^;


  5. What’s the title of the opening song?


  6. The first person is the head of the Von Biireferuto (von Bielefeld, the house Wolfram belongs to).
    The second one that looks like Anissina is the head of her family Von Kaaberunikofu (von Karbelnikoff ).
    The next three are all new family names.
    Von Roshufouru (not a clue)
    Von Girenhouru (not a clue)
    Von Radofoudo (maybe Von Radford)

    The opening song title is 世界よ笑え(sekai yo warae). The performer is 吉田旬吾 (last name Yoshida, don’t know the first)
    Hope that can help a little.


  7. hi, found your site when i googled for KKM.. i can’t wait for season 3.. yeahh!!!


  8. Noooooooooo! No one can replace Yuuri?! What are they thinking?


  9. Yay season three1 I can’t believe Wolf might be the next maou–I wonder what leads up to that? I just noticed something: if that dude has blonde hair and green eyes and so does cheri is that guy and cheri related? Isn’t it kinda unrealistic if both sides of his family look the same? Maybe there was incest…? Oh well, either way I can’t wait for season III! 🙂


  10. I read somewhere that Wolfram’s dad is already dead or something so that could either Wolfram’s older brother or his uncle.


  11. The one with the red heair is obviously Anissina’s brother since she mentioned once that her brother owned the land where Yuri fell into the sea with that vegitarian shark. I’m talking about the episode where Cheri and Gunther were fighting over Yuri’s “seawater smelling” shirt 🙂


  12. The one with the long silver white hair may be Julia’s brother or something.


  13. Nooo!D= I loved the noisy OPs!!! Well, I loved THE STAND UP mainly…
    Is the OP sung by Bon’Z? It sounds kinda like ’em….The lead singer is hawtness…
    If it is sung by Bon’Z I’d be chill with the op =3


  14. I don’t know who sang the OP… I’ll let you know when i do 😉 haha
    I can’t wait for the sub for ep 1 to be out!! ^^

    “KKM OVA 5 :

    This has been translated, however we are lacking an acceptable quality RAW – if anyone can help us with this we would be very greatful!

    Status : Being timed

    KKM Season 3 Episode 1 :

    Status : Needs to be encoded

    – Shoku-dan fansub homepage.


    I am waiting for the RAW for ep 2 to come out though… T_T (was suppose to be out yesterday but can’t seem to find it)


  15. Wow! I can’t believe that season 3 has finally started! Whee! =D I can’t wait to see it! Hope the subs come out soon!

    From what I can read above, the people’s names are: Von Bielefeld, Von Karbelnikoff, Von Roschfall (Roshufuooru), Von Gyllenhall (Girenhooru), and Von Radford (Radufuoodo). Hope that helps!

    It seems that all of the ten noble families have been named. Maybe the trouble isn’t the humans anymore but fellow Mazoku. Ooohhh…


  16. TwilightFlower

    A good portion of the episode seemed to center on Yuuri’s coming of age ceremony. At least, I heard the word “seijin” (as in Seijin no Hi, coming of age ceremony in Japan) quite a lot and the words “Yuuri” and “16” came up together once or twice. As a side note, there’s something going on with Wolfram, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. But as to why they haven’t told Yuuri anything, I can’t say. Maybe they’re trying not to worry him? I’m gonna try to rewatch the first bit and see if I can get anything else out of it.


  17. TwilightFlower

    Ok, rewatched the first bit, and I agree with however said that Wolfram may become the next Maou. Gwendal bascially said something about Wolfram and the 28th Maou. (Yuuri is the 27th). The verb used is “shimeisuru”, which according to my Japanese dictionary could mean either appoint or nominate. The problem here is that Shinou used to choose the next Maou but Shinou is in a strange position right now. He’s not giving orders like he used to, at least not as far as we saw in the OVAs. So I’m not sure why the Ten Aristocrats are talking about getting a new Maou. What prompted it?

    And as to the person who said that the OVA characters look like they’re just gonna stay OVA characters, Sara and Belius are in the new opening sequence and the new maid from the OVA (the one with the buns in her hair) is in this episode.


  18. Yea, i am pretty curious as to why they might need a new maou. My only thought is that in the previous season, when yuuri went back to Earth and was suppose to never be able to come back again, they had find a maou to replace him. Perhaps they are appointing a replacement/new king in case something like that ever happens again?

    Aaargh… i can’t find the raw for ep 2 of season 3. I know that it is out streaming on Veoh, but i can’t find it anywhere else. Anyone has any idea?


  19. Spoiler alert

    I saw episode 2 already, seems like wolfram was chosen by his uncle and agreed by everyone to become the 28th Maou, but wolfram didnt want it. We can see Yuuri’s adulthood cermony and then we can see Wolfram leaving the capital, leaving a note that he would cancel the wedding with Yuuri and continue to serve Yuuri as one of his ministers back in his own region


  20. Review for ep 2 is up. ^-^
    Including screen caps.


  21. That blonde guy is Wolfram’s uncle. The subs are out, you can find them at soku-dan ^^

    Yeah, this season seems intriguing. I wonder why Wolfram leaves 😕 why would he abandon Yuuri? *crying* He said that he doesn’t want to be the next Maou, then maybe his uncle forced him 😕


  22. TwilightFlower

    I think that Wolfram is trying to stay out of the picture so he doesn’t become a tool for his uncle’s greed and ambition. However, Yuuri will probably just track him down and bring him back home anyway, so there’s really not much point to him running away in the first place.


  23. -spoiler-
    Yup, i agree with you, he probably is trying to not be a tool against yuuri.
    Judging from the title of ep 3 – Resolve of the Maou. I would think that Wolfram would most likely be dragged back by Yuuri. Hopefully.


  24. TwilightFlower

    Personally, I think this would be a great opportunity to advance Yuuri’s and Wolfram’s relationship. We saw a little bit of it when Wolfram tracked Yuuri down in season two when the first box was discovered. The problem was we already knew that Wolfram loved Yuuri. Now is Yuuri’s chance to show some sort of reciprocation. Wolfram isn’t just going to come back quietly. He’s too stubborn for that. I could see some sort of emotional scene between them, which could lead to some sort of relationship development. Whether the writers are actually going to go there or not, who knows.


  25. shooot!!!! I wanna watch it too!!! can you tell where? WAAAH!!! I’m going mad!!!


  26. lol, go check out the shoku-dan homepage. they have links to the streaming of the subs for the first 3 eps on veoh there.

    haha… go crazy! and then come back and discuss about how you felt about it. 😉


  27. wooh! thanks a bunch!!


  28. well… well… something is going on as usual!
    what can i expect from kyo kara maoh. i just hope that Yu-chan and Wol-chan will not end into death march rather then a wedding march. does this make sense? hope so! he he he he!!! thanks then!


  29. they aren’t heads of the regions. i believe that they are the heads of important families. that blond one looks like Wolfram and the one with pink hair looks like Anissina.


  30. i hate wolframs uncle!!!!!!



    The blonde guy is Wolfram’s uncle.
    Why Wolfram’s supposed to become the 28th Maoh is because
    after the Great One disappeared,
    they thought that Yuri wouldn’t be able to come back to Shin Makoku.
    This proved to be false though in the last episode in season 2.
    Although only a very little time had passed on Earth since Yuri decided to go back to Earth, a long time went on in Shin Makoku (months I believe),
    therefore, the 10 aristocratic families decided to have Wolfram become the 28th Maoh.

    Why Wolfram left covenant castle and cancelled his and Yuri’s engagement?
    Because he had no wish of becoming Maoh and have to fight Yuri for the title.

    Another BIG spoiler:
    After everything is settled, Wolfram comes back to Covenant castle,
    and happily declares (the maoh) Yuri to be his fiancé again.
    Which leaves Yuri shockingly surprised (and to a good laugh for us viewers).

    So, despite what Yuri himself might want, we can obviousy still look forward to their wedding. ;D


  32. Hello, I was wondering, where do you watch KKM’s 3rd Season? It’s really hard to find video’s that actually work. x-x


  33. I totally get what you’re getting at. All these people, who I have no idea of who they are, just show up. I mean, and they say Yuur’s going to get replaced! What kind of crap is this?!


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