xxxHOLIC: Kei ep 01 review

Ep 1 – Spider 蜘蛛 クモノス

The first ep of xxxHolic Kei is out!!!

Woohoo!!! Watanuki, Doumeki, Yuuko, Mokona, and the rest of the gang, oh ya, Watanuki’s dearest Himawari is back too!

The new OP of the season is not too bad, it is not as catchy as the previous season but it was good.

The episode starts off with Watanuki dreaming of Himawari-chan

And of course he is forced to make breakfast for the gang at the shop. (why was he staying at the shop anyway?)

And as usual, he gets bullied. =D

Doumeki and Watanuki are arguing as usual ‘cos Doumeki asked what was for lunch.
(Good to know that somethings never changes)

And that is when…

On the way home from school Doumeki started feeling ill and…

You can probably tell what this episode is all about by now. Yup, it is about spiders.

The story for this episode basically revolves around the issue of the spider, Doumeki and Watanuki. Having destroyed the web of the spider, Doumeki had to pay the price and as a result of that, Watanuki decided to do something. (I shall not say what).

Unlike the previous season where everything was episodic, this season seems to be taking the route of short arcs. Episode One carries onto Episode Two (titled Left Eye).

I like xxxHolic and nothing has changed that fact. The animation is the same as the previous season and the characters are the same old as well. I have got no complaints for this ep (except the fact that it is too short!! they should make it a 1 hr thing.. T_T). I am just looking forward to the next episode!! I hope that you are looking forward to this series too!

On a more light hearted note… today’s theme for the tea party is…

Alice in Wonderland!!
and guess who alice is. (^-^)

-ra out!


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  1. AAAAA i need the subs!!! if anyone know of subs in french, spanish or english just tell me pleaseee!!!

    it looks like a great season 🙂


  2. I wonder when it will be published in Indonesia TV Station ……I’m still waiting


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