Amatsuki 01

I am not too sure exactly what is going on in this episode but i will try my best to describe what I do know is going on.

Toki(aka Tokidoki) is a normal student who does really horribly in history. Somehow he ended up playing a partial virtual game of the edo era (i think that it was part of a school outing kinda thing). One moment he is walking along the streets of make believe Edo and the next moment he is face to face with a monster. Thinking that it was still part of the virtual game he just walked past it ignoring it. That was when he got attacked ad his glasses got smashed into pieces. Still stunned from what was going on and fearful for his life.. he just did nothing,. ( lol )

Suddenly just when he thought he was going to die a lady swooshes in and saves him. (A samurai lady with nice hair). And so our hero drowns and faints. When he awakes he realises that it was not just a dream and he had “lost” his left eye. Furthermore, his pal whom he just met at the virtual game was right beside him, although he looked somewhat different. He finds out that his friend had been in the real edo era for the past 2 years.

This is where I kinda got lost.

Apparently there are monsters in the edo era and some can see them some can’t. I am not too sure what is going on though so I would just have to wait for the subs to come out before I would be able to understand it.

Here are some screen caps to let you get a better idea of what went on in ep 1.

All in all, this episode was interesting, The series seems to be different from the typical plots (but I can’t be certain cos i barely understood what went on in the second half of the episode :P)

The animation for this anime is quite nice too.

That’s all for ep 1, I might update with more details when the subs come out.

-ra out!

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