Itazura na Kiss 01

Ep 1 – Mischievious Destiny

This is where it all began.

Having seen both the Jap drama and the Taiwanese drama I felt that it would be hard for the anime to beat them. However, the anime has a different feel to it as compared to the live-action dramas.

This anime takes a less exaggerated path.
For example…
Kotoko – She is suppose to be stupid. And it is obvious that she is not smart. But she is not irritating either. I could never stand the personalities of the live-drama heroines. Kotoko in this anime is more subtly stupid in a sense. She does not go mumbling with obvious “??” floating around her head. She is much more normal. (thank god for normality)

Naoki – He is a genius and he hates stupid people. And as the same with the hero’s in the live-drama I never really wanted them to end up together because I could never really support them. However, I am starting to like this version of Naoki. He seems cool. (I could never really feel the cool factor from the previous Naoki’s)

The first episode is pretty much the typical Itazura na Kiss beginning. They did not change much. Kotoko confessed her love and got rejected before she could say anything. Reason – dumb. Her house then collapses and she is left homeless. This is when her life gets intertwined with Naoki. Her dad told her that they have a place to stay temporarily until they find a new place. Where is this temporary residence? Naoki’s place. It seems that Naoki’s dad and Kotoko’s dad were good friends that went way back.

The episode ends off with Kotoko in her room alone and in a new place. She is stuck with 2 guys that hate her (Naoki and the younger brother) and she has is just stunned with the predicament that she is in.

This anime seems to be fine. So far nothing heavy is going on. ^-^

If you are a Itazura na Kiss (aka It Started With A Kiss) fan then you might wanna give it a shot.
If you like to watch shoujo anime, you might want to give it a shot too.

P.S the OP song is really nice and fun and relaxing. ^^


BakaWolf-m.3.3.w fansub has released the first ep with english subtitles
That is fast man.. just 2 days after the airing.. I thought that it would have taken them a week or so.. cool stuff
Keep up the good job guys!!

-ra out
Episode 02 review


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  1. Thanks for the info, did you like it?

    But I have a question… do you have any idea who might be subbing it? I really wanna download it thats why, and my siblings can’t understand Japanese, lol, big problem…*sweat drops*

    Though really I can’t wait for watch this series, (o”o)b


  2. Hey there, hmm, i found it alright. If i have to say, i would say that i prefer this to the drama just because the characters are more likable. But honestly, i felt that the plot has been done too many times that it has gotten to a point where i can’t tell if i like it or not anymore. (does it make sense? haha)

    It seems like ‘bakawolf-m33w’ plans on picking up this anime. So hopefully the subs would come out soon. 😉


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