Major Season 4 – 14 (92)

Episode 14

YAY! new ep of Major is out! (RAW not subbed)
Subbed Ep 08(86) of Major is out though

This episode’s main focus is on Keene (I think that is his name…), the catcher.

We get to learn about his past and why he is so controlling.
We get to see him learn his lesson, courtesy of Goro Shiiiiigeeeeenooooo (i like the way the announcer says his name, damn funny.)
And we get to see a baseball match, a short one, but yea, a match none the less.

Finally the whole team might start to show some teamwork.

The episode started off with the starting pitcher getting totally controlled by Keene and bossed around by him. Keene is good, you can’t deny the fact. However, he is so arrogant when he implied that the fact that they manage to shut the other team out was basically not the pitcher’s good pitching but rather his. The ass.

Anyway, naturally the pitcher started getting irritated and what not, but what can he do, they were winning so there was little he could say.

And so we have to leave it up to our dear Goro. ^-^v yay! Go Goro!

In this ep we see Goro practicing on his own etc, and I can say that this is probably one of the only episodes where I felt that Goro was not a show off. (I love the dude but you gotta admit that he is cocky.)

Ok, here are some screen caps for this episode.

Oooo, big problem for the Bats team… (i like this screen shot ^^)

I also like the way the ball looks in this shot… pretty

Alright. That’s it for the screen captures.

Anyway, back to Keene.

He reminds me of Inui from Prince of Tennis. Why? Simple

Inui – Data Tennis
Keene –
Data Baseball

^^ And this episode did remind me of Prince of Tennis as well when Goro said that Keene cannot just depend on his data. Lol. It sounded like a conversational snippet between Inui and Ryoma

By the end of this episode all is well

Which is a good thing!

Personally, I feel like as though there is something missing from this season of Major. I guess it is the idea of a main focus that is missing. Previously it was all about Kaido and getting in  or beating them. At the beginning of this season it was about getting into the Major League. However, right now there does not seem to be much of a focus. I guess we are reminded that Goro does train to be better, but it is just a short few seconds to remind you. Hmmm… but it is nice this way. Relaxing and fun. Nothing to heavy going on.

-ra out!


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  1. hi der :(… were could i watch episode 10- and so on… damn i miss dis anime so much 😦 email me plss 😦 thanks… and goodluck “___”


  2. ^^; MJN has yet to sub the ep 10 onwards, so you might have to wait for them to come out instead. Alternatively, you might want to watch the RAWs for the episodes instead? Hope this helps.


  3. yeah…goro is so risktaker…yeah….


  4. Major season3 is just ended hir in phil …

    i want to watch major season 4 damn it….


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