Nabari no Ou – 01

Episode 1 – The Awakened One
(dang that is one cliche title =_=! )

Rokujou Miharu is a boy who has a hijustu (hidden technique) living inside of him. This hijustu is the power of creation. Many ninja clans are seeking it as the one who posesses it becomes the ruler of the ninja world. Rokujou’s classmate Kouichi started a nindou (“Way of the Ninja”) club at school with Kumohira, his English teacher. Both Kouichi and Kumohira are secretly ninjas. They tried to persuade Rokujou to join the ninjustu club. At first, he was reluctant, but after being attacked by group of ninjas trying to get his hijutsu, he joins. He must become the Ruler of Nabari in order to survive.-ANN

I have to admit that I am pretty much totally confuse about what is going on in this episode so I might have to wait till the subs come out before I can actually review about it.

However, without further a due, I decided to upload screen captures instead. Enjoy!

The below shot is from a scene in the past. Probably when Rokujou was still a kid.

The anime starts off with a scene from the past followed by the OP and then we are into the present where Rokujou is a student. On the left is his classmate and on the right is his (eccentric) teacher.

I just love what they did with the background of this anime. The pastel look and painted feel is really nice and pretty. However, I dont really think that it suits the anime. Especially since the atmosphere from within the school and outside changes so much (due to the background).

Ok, I am pretty sure I am not the only one who thinks this. He looks like a girl!! right right?

This anime has its cute/fun moments too.

An action scene! Counting the beginning of the anime this would be the second fighting scene out of 3 in this episode.

Just look at how beautiful the pictures are. Looks like a scene out of a picture book.

The kid looks freaky and possesd here.

And I have no idea yet who this girl is.

3rd fighting scene of the anime

What happens to our hero?

Watch and find out.


The animation of this series is really nice. However, some might hate the way the background looks. While it may be pretty and different, it spoils the exciting mood of the anime.

Storyline wise, I am still confused (I don’t think it is because the storyline is confusing, it is more of my lack of Japanese language skills.) However, while it may seem interesting at times, all the talk about boy and his innate power can get really cliche at times.

The characters are fun and alright, but nothing really special.

There are some fun and cute moments in this anime that lightens up the mood as well. It is cute seeing the way the teacher tries to suck up to Rokujou. Lol.

What I do like though is the way the words seems to appear all over Rokujou’s body. (Does look gross at times, but cool still).

I just hope that this anime would be something that is interesting and not something really cliche.

I still think that Rokujou is too much of a girl really. And his character in this anime seems like a female character rather than a guy(or so I feel). But if you think about it, the voice actress for Rokujou is the same one as Shana from Shakugan no Shana, so it is little shock that he might sound girly at times.
At times, Rokujou can appear to be quite cool, but at other times he just fades into the background.

Anyway, I will be waiting for the subs to come out before deciding if this anime has a storyline that is worth watching. I would most likely still continue to watch it even if not for the storyline just cause the animation is pretty.

2 Pro factors:
Good animation
Kickass fighting scenes.

Overall, it is better than watching Naruto Shippuden.

-ra out! ^_^

Episode 2 review


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  1. Hi …

    Thanks for this hard work 🙂

    Wish you continue Blogs this Awesome Anime ^^

    But I have a request why don’t you add the OP+ED (at Least Scenes) ??


  2. hey there, hmm, if you want i can add the scenes from the OP and ED of this anime. ^^


  3. great review i think i will watch this anime next the character designs look great and i cant really pass up those fight scenes! Great screen shots as well awesome quialty!


  4. This is definetely a naruto rip off a huge NARUTO RIP OFF!!! This is like copy infringement taking Kishimoto’s ideas. Origional yah right origional story my ass!
    If you really watched it you will see that they use ninja seals and ninja techniques in this too and another ninja world? Naruto is already a ninja world for crying out loud. Also the main character has something sealed within him well so does naruto and they use the same weapons kunai, giant shuriken and they all have forhead protectors. How can you say this is not a naruto rip off. I watched up to 7 episodes of nabari no ou and the more i watched the more i got pissed off because they use the same concept of Naruto the only difference is there is a different plot line and though someparts are funny it’s still not even a fraction impressive as naruto because Kishi’s ideas for naruto were origional the guy who made this crap just copied Kishimoto. I wouldn’t be suprised if the main characters friend becomes evil and they have a huge fight and split up like naruto and sauske. This load of bull crap is as much as a rip off from naruto as Pokemon is to Digimon and Yu-GI-Oh is to duel masters


  5. If you got something against me fuck you i’m only doing this because i really care about the naruto anime and manga its my favourite of all and it pisses me off to see it getting ripped off by some fuktard. it even pain and yah i don’t have a life cause i’m wasting my time posting this right got anything else to diss me with FUCK WHOEVER DARES TRY TO FLAME ME FOR EXPRESSING MYSELF

    It’s called freedom of expression and speech in the charters of rights and freedoms look it up


    • H, thanks for such a laugh. ❤

      Do you think Naruto's the first to use hand seals? Kunai and shuriken were actual weapons used by actual ninja in history, according to my sources. Do you think Naruto was also the first to have SOMETHING TOTALLY SPECIAL LULZ sealed inside of him? Hell no. Actually read some literature, darling.

      A different storyline is the only difference? I c wut u did thar, lulz.

      Compare the main characters; Naruto is excited, determined, ambitious, sometimes described as 'annoying' by the other characters. However, Miharu is indifferent, apathetic, and lacks any sort of ambition towards being a ninja, and it isn't the whiny 'BUT I WANT TO BE NORMAL', he just ignores it, brushes it off. He just wants to have a pancake store. Seriously? That's the same as Naruto?

      Yoite could be said to be similar to Sasuke, with that same angsty-pretty-boy aura going on, but unlike Sasuke, Yoite doesn't want revenge — instead, he lacks self esteem, blaming it on himself that his parents -spoiler- tried to well, kill him, and eventually made his brother stab him and abandon him~ 😀 He has the power of Kira, which is a forbidden power (also could be called a similarity), and also drains the user's life away; however, despite this, he doesn't give a fucking crap. Instead, he just continues using it, once killing someone just because they called him 'cute' — he's not being sensible, not saving it for emergencies — no, he's just going on, wasting his life because he's got nothing to live for. His goal isn't to die, either — more, it's to never have existed, not to have been born at all. He simply doesn't care anymore.

      Well, that was fucking nice to say.

      Good day, everyone.


      • And in reply to ‘FUCK YOU WHOEVER DARES TO FLAME ME FOR EXPRESSING MYSELF’; well, darling, you’re just a hypocrite because isn’t that the freedom of speech you’re talking about?

        It’s also called the internet, sweetheart. Deal with it.


  6. I think I’m going to check this anime out. It seems pretty kewl. 🙂 anybody that wants to help me find it send me a message on myspace or my hotmail.


  7. Sadly, I kinda agree with you :/ And at the middle of the series, I had a really hard time keeping up with it. I had to go back and see what they said many times, otl XD And it did change really much, first being ninja-action and then, as you mentioned, leaning toward teenage-angst too much. But, it still actually is my favourite series, and I’m reading the manga now, which, so far (the fourth book), seems to be much better than the anime.
    I do wonder though if there is a really amazing anime/manga out there, that could be just as good as Dan Brown’s books (for example). I don’t think so, since there’s more elements in anime/manga than in books and movies. These are just some random thoughts, thinking about how I outright love this series despite it having all these flaws.
    And about it being like Naruto: what the hell. XD My little brother watched Naruto, and he said that it really didn’t feel like it have a storyline, all they’re doing is fighting and talking about how miserable life is. And it just keeps coming new things D: And to you who wrote it: If you’re going to speak your mind, then we can speak our minds too, whether it be speaking with or against you. Having an opinion isn’t only having opinions about stuff; it could be opinions about other’s opinions. My opinion can be, for example, that your opinion sucks <:


  8. This anime is in general Horrible. I suppose the 4 fight scenes in it are ok, but all in all the character development is terrible, the animation is well done, the soundtrack is forgettable, and the character all in all are completely unlikable.


  9. Hello Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my blog?


  10. Carrington C

    Love the pictures here so much!!!!


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