Bus Gamer – 03

Episode 3 – Gamer Alone Again


This episode starts off with the trio going to their next battle.
This time, they are team AWAY. The stage? A roof top beer garden. And unlike the previous places, this area is filled with passerby everywhere. Customers drinking until they are drunk
There their battle starts. They fight and they win. And that is about it for Bus Gamer really.

After that scene it is basically a wrapping up.
Scenes on what happened to the police woman.
A wrap up between the relationship of those 3 main characters. (We see that Toki is starting to become friendlier towards Saitou.)
And the short live OVA ends there.

In ep 2 we saw the Police turning a blind eye to the events of dead gamers turning up. That gave hint to the fact that they were probably in on it or it was some big conspiracy thing. In this ep, we actually see the Chief of the police (i think he is the chief) appear in the aftermath of the game waiting to collect the disc from the players



When the episode first started I was confuse as to where the police woman had dissapeared to. I mean, they were suppose to have been caught right? Anyway, it is explained later on in the episode.

While this OVA has room for a continuation, it also can be seen as the end of it at ep 3.

The whole OVA felt like a summary of what was going on. A big introduciton, but to the game and not necessarily to a deeper plot. The plot of the game is also weak.

By the end of the OVA the reasons for these guys wanting such a huge amount of cash and willing to risk their lives for it is never explained. It would be nice for there to be an extra episode or two just to explain everything and make it more…. complete.

Screen caps time.

What happened to the police woman? They did the most natural thing. They ran. XD

Toki looking cool.

And I know that a lot of people probably want to see Saitou get shot anyway.

This was during their battle. The fool Saitou decided to save the guy and got pulled over the edge of the roof. But his reasons for saving the guy was acceptable.

And a fun shot!! Look at those weird poses. I wonder if it is a new dance.

Anyway, that is it for the Bus Gamer OVA.

It was ok to watch, I did not hate it or anything, I just felt bored quite often.

I felt that it was quite draggy and the police woman scene was not really necessary for them to make her take up so much time.

Okay, as for Saitou, though I don’t hate him as much in the last ep, he is still an annoyance. Apparently he is suppose to be less annoying in the manga and somewhat of a computer genius. Well, the most that we see of his computer smarts is him twinkling with the lights in the ep 2 HOME battle.

While the characters and animation was fun to look at that was probably about it.
The incomplete storyline (typical of short series) and the not so exciting plot for the last episode made me quite bored.

Rating – 6/10

-ra out

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  1. The 2nd episode was a bit of a drag to watch for me, if it weren’t for Toki I might’ve dropped this already. xD It’s only 3 episodes anyway, so I don’t mind much.

    The police woman sort of annoyed me, but I guess I’ll known what happens next as soon as the ep 3 subs are out. =)


  2. yea, it is kind of a drag. but like you said 3 eps only. I could barely keep my head up through the 3rd ep though…


  3. I feel Bus Gamer wud be a kind of anime which we wud usually skip during the regular programming of TV and after all episodes have released, you just watch them at once. It is very similar in concept to Kaiji, check Kaiji out if you haven’t, it involves a lot of mind games rather than Brawl.


  4. Dam so bus gamer only last’s 3EP’s. . . i thought it was going to be long. I for one realy loved this anime tho and after whatching Ep 1 i could not wait for Ep 2 an so on.


  5. It would have been better if it were longer, they would have been able to develop the plot more, but then in ep 3 i kinda lost the interest for it cos nothing really happened in ep 3. ^^:


  6. wtf. Ive never even heard of a 3 ep series before. What was the point? I mean, it looked interesting, but why even bother if your only gonna make 3 eps? It usually takes 2 eps just to judge if its worth watching or not. Shamefully dissapointing.


  7. I must admit, I kinda like and dislike saito. He is kinda like “the fool” in this group. ^^a I mean, without Saito I won’t have a laugh in this anime and will get bored instantly.

    But I like the character Toki… he is cool! Fighting just using his fist and feet 🙂

    it’s a shame the anime was just 3 ep. Kinda like a teaser for this anime/manga ^_^

    and I get a big laugh for the end of the anime XD where Saito stupidly shot the gun because he doesn’t knew how to lock the safe 😀


  8. i agree, it was really stupid of him to have pressed the trigger…
    the manga itself also super short if i am not mistaken… which means the whole series is basically a teaser for… nothing.. lol


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