Blassreiter: genetic – 02

Episode 2 – The Cost of Honour

This was an interesting episode, it was much more interesting than episode 1 in my opinion.

The plot thickens in this episode and we know that Gerd is not the only human that can turn into a Al(something) (those monsters).

And we know that he is not the first one. Basically, while they might have their soul, my guess is that they either stray from the path of being human and lose to their demonic insticts or something. At least that is what the guy with the black hair implied.

The animation for this episode is great too. Once again, i am not a big fan of the 3d graphics but there wasn’t that much in this episode.

The action scenes were not that many this episode, it was not as full on as episode 1.

This was probably more of a content builder.

Like I said previously, there are other human-monsters. But the normal people do not know this and the special agents are just beginning to suspect this fact.

I like the storyline though, the idea of people looking towards monsters to fight monsters.

Just the idea of people cheering on and believing in a celebrity and worshiping him and having faith in him just because he is famous. (It is a reflection of our world, at least I feel that it is)
I would bet that if a normal person turned into a monster etc. the first thing they would do is to kill him or want him to be destroyed. It is only natural to fear someone more powerful than you.

All in all, the anime looks to be slightly better than okay. I still think that it is too soon to see what sort of anime this will turn out to be.

It would either be, draggy, or , awesome/interesting.

I am hoping for the latter.


Gerd burns up and dies(i think) in an accident.
We know who the Black monster is. (black hair dude.

End of Spoilers

-ra out!

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  1. i dun think gerd will die….as the OP show he fighting with the black dude…:P . hope it wouldn’t get worse latter in the episode


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