Itazura na Kiss – 02

Episode 2 – Living Together Is Dangerous


This episode is basically as the title says. It is about them living together

The main focus of this episode is to show that while they may live together, they still can’t get along.

Kotoko has decided to aim to be in the top 50 spot in school in the upcoming exam, and how does she plan on doing that? By blackmailing Naoki into tutoring her.

What does she use as blackmail?
You see the image above of a girl?
Thats no girl, it is Irie as a kid (courtesy of Naoki’s mom).

So Irie tutors her.

Towards the end of the episode, when everything between seems to be getting better something happens to put her back in the spot of being hated by Irie.


I found this episode alright.
I find this series alright.

It is not great and neither does it really make me want to watch on all that much.

Part of me just wants to find out what happens. The rest of me just watches it for the heck of it.
The plot is interesting and fun, if it were your first time seeing it.
After all the tv-drama remakes, you might be better of watching the dramas instead.

Characters wise, i prefer the way they portrayed the characters in here.

Anyway, nothing dramatic actually happens in this ep.

It is basically a plot development and character development. We see the 2 characters trying to interact with each other, the closest we get to a relationship in this episode is friendship. So far no sign of loving happening soon.

[Description of Screen Caps]

– having breakfast at the house

– going to school together

– Kotoko being left behind

– Irie shocked at the stupidity of Kotoko (when they were studying for the exam, not that Irie needs to study)

– Both of them at the results of the examination

– A prank by (most likely) Kotoko’s classmates. Something that destroys their short lived peace.

Thats about it for this ep

Rating – Will continue to watch, but not all that excited. 6/10

-ra out


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  1. I agree that this isn’t all that great of a series, I haven’t seen episode 2 yet, but I’m not that excited for it anyway, this series is just too bland 😛


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