Kyou Kara Maou Season 3 – 02 (ep 80)

Episode 2 – The Qualifications of a Maou

Key Issues of this ep

– Last episode we were left wondering why Wolfram was going to be the next king, or why they were even deciding on a next king. This episode we find out why. – The qualification ceremony for Yuuri being the Maou. – And more problems to come


The qualification ceremony starts off with Yuuri having a battle with a sand panda in a close cage and having to defeat it. The next part of the qualification ceremony is for him to write -something- (he does a terrible job at it) on a huge canvas with a huge brush. haha Followed by a game of baseball. (seems like a very random bunch of activities. lol. love it!) And finally, a meeting with the heads of the different lands in Shin Makoku and declaring whether he will continue as the next Maou and showing his resolve.

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The only part of the episode that was light hearted or relaxing was the beginning, because from then on, many new issues were addressed.

Yuuri had overheard the servants saying that Wolfram was suppose to be the next Maou. Confused and all, Konrad spoke to Yuuri and explain what the whole situation was about. (read spoilers section bellow if you wanna know) After that, Yuuri is basically contemplating whether he was wanted or not and stuff, though he does not whine about it (which is good and mature). A visit from Shin-ou and a talk later. Yuuri makes his decision. We also hear Gwendal and Gunter speaking about new problems that might occur. (refer to spoilers)


– Alright, who is the guy that looks like Wolfram? if i did not hear wrongly, he is Wolframs uncle and he was the one who actually decided to nominate Wolfram as the next Maou. And the relationship between Wolfram and his uncle is not all that good. Wolfram does not want to be the next Maou (cos of Yuuri) and he confronts his uncle only to be told to start preparing to be the next king. – The whole issue with the next Maou is basically a result of what happened in the 2nd season. When Yuuri had left and was not suppose to be able to come back they had to decide on a new king. But of course when Yuuri did return they did not continue that discussion/topic any longer. – Yuuri’s decision? He pushes forth and decides to continue being the Maou. (This is with the help of Shin-ou) – Gwendal had actually said something about having a bad feeling about someone (I have no idea who, might need to rewatch to find out). Thus the hint that there will be more problems. And if that is not enough. – Wolfram leaves, cancelling the wedding ceremony.

End of Spoilers

Okay, this was a really good episode. No time wasted. The animation was the usual KKM animation, (nice colors). And I am eager to watch the next episiode. I do wonder about Wolfram and what he is thinking. His attitude seemed to have changed, gotten quieter and less clingy to Yuuri, and it looks as though he has a few issues to handle. This looks to be a big plot building ep! BTW, is it me or does everything seem gloomy this ep? Next episode – Resolve of the Maou. oooooo…. can’t wait! heh

-ra out

Episode 3 review

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  1. argh!! yeah i totally agree wolfram has gone quiet and less dependent on Yuuri.. and he doesnt keep saying “fiance, fiance” hahaha.. I’m so sad… i wish to see their wedding! XD hahaha why….. i love KKM!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3


  2. TwilightFlower

    By the way, what Yuuri was writing was “Shibuya Yuuri Harajuku Fuuri”, which is the play on his name that is now recognized as the official signature of the Maou. Just thought I should point that out because I almost missed it on the subs.


  3. chokoretohazel

    yeah Wolfram is less clingy now I think they starting to follow the novel because in the novel Wolfram is kind of serious and don’t always shout at Yuuri about the whole fiacee thing..


  4. TwilightFlower

    Episode 81 is out in the RAW format. No subs yet that I can find, though.


  5. cool! thanks for the heads up!

    edit: i found the subs. It is by shoku dan, you might wanna go check out their homepage.

    Shoku-dan Homepage


  6. TwilightFlower

    Yeah, they put it up a few hours after I checked their site. I got it. And last time I checked, they said that they were going to try to post the 5th OVA sometime today.


  7. TwilightFlower

    OK, just checked shoku-dan’s site. They have the 5th OVA, but it’s currently only in torrent format. They should have a direct download of some kind soon.


  8. The review for ep 3 is up! And… i will am off to watch the 5th ova right now. wahahaha..


  9. Hmmm….i like this story very much…..XD
    I buy all the episod but…(~.~)
    I didn’t know there is season 3(T.T)
    I really like the song^.^v

    May i ask…..Who sing the song in the opening season 3(?.?)


  10. I don’t get the Seasons at all. I mean, I don’t even get what episode 80-90 is. That’s the range I am in and I am so very confused. I don’t know where the episodes end now from where they start.


  11. Mybe i get te season,but not so much1And that Wolfram’s uncle is just looks like Shin’ou!Oh,is someone know whats going on with Yuuri and Wolfram now?Is they realy…realy going to mary sometime?I hope so…..cuz they will be so sweet if that hapen!I will waching all the time!So…….somebody help me!I can’t thinking about the other things1In my mind and in my brain,even my heart is always say Kyou Kara Maou!!!!!!………..bye~


  12. sorry…..mybe in my comment before,i make some wrong word.sorry~


  13. watta?
    i do love they really marry?oh how i wish!!!!!!…!here in the Philippines,its sooooooo hard to complete the whole series..i only watched the episode 1-39!!!!!!! stupid isn’t it? i dont know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….my fiance!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. im already married by li shaoran and loki-kun!!!!!!!!!!!, now,ill have ny wedding ceremony by next year! hope that all of yuo will come….,domo arigatou!


  15. hatashinaku tooi sorani..


  16. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!all of you,please come to our wedding ah???????? xPPPPPP


  17. what is their site anyway?


  18. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.


  19. Hello is that true that wolfram’s father was killed by human?


  20. Sign: zdbrw Hello!!! ffscu and 6902amyzspcxxr and 9772 : Sorry, what did you mean?? A??


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