Nabari no Ou – 02

Episode 2 – Raimei, Arrives

Episode 2 of Nabari no Ou…. oooo….


So the new ep starts off by having a recap on what happened in the previous episode.. (don’t worry, the recap is not like Naruto’s where it can take up half an episode). Then the OP starts. I love the OP, nice music, pretty images, really relaxing.

Rokujou is back in school and with his new group of ninja friends hanging out in the dojo when a girl samurai (Raimei) crashes into the place and decides to have a battle with Rokujou just to see what sort of person Rokujou is. (She fails to do so, Rokujou just basically ignores her existence.)

[click to enlarge]

I still stand by the fact that Rokujou is pretty much a girl, and he knows it. You can see him using his ‘girly charms’ in the basketball game that he was in (bottom right picture). And he scores! Lol, the little devil.
Kumohira is Rokujou’s english teacher, I swear that I cannot understand what the dude is speaking when he was teaching his class.

Raimei continues to try and get a better understanding of Rokujou throughout the first half of the episode by stalking him, saving him, asking about him, and attacking him. (I do worry about Raimei’s inability to recognize people though. It would be damn dangerous if she were fighting.)

The second half of the episode is basically focusing on the four of them going on a trip.

While on the train, we learn that Kumohira-sensei hates it when it rains because it reminds him of the bloody night in the past where he was battling all the ninjas etc.(Beginning scene from ep 1).

After arriving at their destination, things were not what they were suppose to be and it is only towards the end where we finally get to see the beginnings of an action plot.


So this ep was kinda dissapointing for me.

While the animation was great (just as in ep 1), I did not get my action fix. Dang.

The plot builds up in this ep and hopefully by the next ep there would be an overload of action scenes to make up for the lack of one in this ep.

Overall, it is looking good. I can’t wait to see the next episode.

If you are looking for action, this episode might disappoint you.

-ra out
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  1. I have only seen the first ep, and Think is pretty good. reminds me of loveless (I don’t know why), but the animation is awsome


  2. lol, yup, i agree, the animation is awesome. Hmm, the characters does kinda remind you of loveless… pretty animation…

    One major factor is that the person who did the Character Design for this anime is the same as the one who did the Character Design for Loveless. So maybe that is why. ^_^


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