S.A. – 02

Episode 02 – Pride. Pro-Wrestling

Boy of boy, I don’t even have the motivation to write a review about this utterly boring and disappointing episode.

But why am I writting?
I just had to voice out how I felt about this episode.

Hikari is getting on my nerves in this episode with her non-stop challenges and Kei is Kei (i am not being bias just cos he is slightly cool).

The first part of the episode is a reintroduction of the different people in the S.A. class and basically re-establishing the fact that Hikari is number 2 and Kei is number 1 and they are never going to stop bickering about that fact.

The later part is basically introducing the Student Council and a new sort of “fight” starts. The battle between the Student Council and the S.A.

The form of the challenge ? Pro Wrestling.

I have no idea which school in their right mind would even bother having pro wrestling as a challenge with such an elaborate ring.

The good part of this episode though is that we get to see a kinder side to Kei and see more of Kei’s affections for Hikari. His over protectiveness and his jealousy is quite clearly expressed in this ep.

While this ep is quite faithful to the manga counterpart (I can actually recognize this story), it does not come across as fun or as nicely as in the manga.
Something was lost in the conversion process. My guess would be that the manga was much more fast paced and did not have to worry about dragging something out to 25minutes.

Overall, I am utterly disappointed and am craving for the sight of the torrent for Soul Eater ep 02 raw to be out… where are youuuuu??

Anyway, this is how I feel about this ep.

Am I anticipating the next ep?
Yea kinda, the next ep should be quite fun to watch, that is if it will be as good as the manga.

Will I go crazy waiting for the next ep?
No way. This ep is not even good enough to make me want to rewatch it.

My advice would be to just read the manga.

How did you find this ep?

-ra out

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  1. I’d have to agree with you on that! loved this one, but it seemed to lose all the humor in the manga…actually dissapointed -_-”’


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