Vampire Knight – 02

Episode 2 – Memories of Blood

As the plot continues to progress, Zero’s conditions gets worst, it is Valentine’s day in the world of Vampire Knight and Yuki is still oblivious to what is happening to Zero.
Just as the previous episode, Yuki is still ga-ga over Kaname and has decided to make chocos for him for v-day.
Zero on the other hand is having a harder time than ever trying to stop himself from biting into Yuki’s ever-so-delicious neck.
We also get to see a snippet of Zero’s past when he first meets Yuki.
Zero is getting agitated and impatient and openly spoke back to Kaname, and thus angering the other vamps causing an ‘almost’ fight.
Most importantly, Zero’s body seems to be rejecting the blood pills.


The animation quality was alright and nice to watch however, the flow of this episode seems to be pretty choppy.

They tried inserting some comedic moments to lighten up the turning-very-quickly-heavy mood, but that in turn made it so out of place. The whole story about the V-day choco was also pretty useless, i would have felt better if they had not spent that much time on it.

No action, awww, how disappointing. I know that it is a shoujo series as action is not the main deal but the fact that just because Yuki jumped in to stop the fight (and they did stop) got be quite irritated.

Overall, it was still a good episode, though not as good as the first episode.
Personally, i would definitely watch on.

Oh, and the OP is just pure love! I am so addicted to it!

-ra out!
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  1. Vampire knight?!?!?!?! kERen ABis!!!!!
    kALIan sEMUa HaaRUss NonTON!!!


  2. i love zero


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