Soul Eater – 02

I’m Definetly a Star! ~ The Extremely Big Man, Revealed Here?~

OMG omg OMG… BONES is love. Soul Eater is pure entertainment.

Okay, it is pointless to watch an anime if the animation sucks.
That is basic, having good animation is more than half the battle won.

Alright, the OP is still pure ecstasy.
Is it me or does it remind feel really similar to a D.Gray Man OP?

Okay, this episode is about Black Star! Lol, the guy’s an idiot (in a funny way). ^^

Alright, so Black Star is another character who is after obtaining the Death Scythe.
If I were to summarize this guy into a few words it would be

A) A Brat
B) An Idiot
C) A Hoot

Lol, he is so foolish, he jumps into danger thinking he is the king of the world. If you are not convinced then I dare you to guess what his favourite number is? It is the number 1. Lol, most likely because he feels that he himself is number 1! lol

Oh, and on top of that, i forgot one more thing.

D) A Pervert

So the first half of the episode is basically introducing him and the type of person he is.

Here are some screen caps of the first half of the ep for you to enjoy first.

[click images to enlarge]

Btw, the Moon and Sun can laugh. Very freaky.

The second half of the episode is basically where the action and fighting starts.

We are able to see more of Black Star and who he is etc.


he is basically part of a family of assasins and is a ninja. i know, not much of a spoiler, but i would rather be safe than sorry. 😛

-end of spoiler

The action scenes were pretty cool. I love the animation so much that I am super bias. lol. So don’t take my word for it and check out some screen caps.

The trees are pretty cool!
Anyway, Black Star had decided to obtain more souls and that led to to the fighting scene.

[Click Images to Enlarge]

How the fight turn out in the end? I won’t say.
Go watch and find out on your own. 😛

Episode Review

Overall, i found it to be really fun. There was a part in the middle where it got a bit slow, but once the action started it got fun again.

This episode is quite comedic (just like ep 1) so if you liked ep 1 you would like this ep too.

The action scenes were nice, but it would have been so much better if they had made it longer. There were quite a bit of pauses here and there with them talking and talking.

Next episode. Death the Kid.

I think I overdid the screen caps for this ep. LOL, screen caps galore!! i hope that you like them!

-ra out!
Episode 3 Review


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  1. I am really starting to like this series, it’s so intriguing! I’m so excited for the next episode to meet the new character Death the Kid 😀


  2. yup…hope they follow the manga plot in the show too ^_^


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