Junjou Romantica – 02

Episode 2 – No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk

Banzai! Mon ami! Yahoo! Ep 2 is out! -dances around like a fool-

Okay, this episode, just like ep 1, it follows the manga very faithfully. A little too faithfully if I might say so.

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It has been a month since he moved in with Usami and through this episode we are able to see how things work in that house. Usami has just finish a new volume to his latest boy love novel, but this time, the star of his novels is Misaki!
On the other side, we see Misaki starting to develop feelings for his dear Usagi-san and at the same time he is starting to have doubts about the way Usagi sees him – as a replacement for Takahiro.
Apart from this, Misaki has other troubles. Things in school are not going as smoothly as he wanted them and people are avoiding him.
Throw in a new senpai who seems to be Misaki’s only friend and likes to tease Misaki as well, trouble is bound to brew.
Can things work out for our dear couple number 1? Watch and find out.

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Alright, so like I had said before, it was a bit too much like the manga.
DEEN Studio is butchering the anime with horrible animation and I honestly felt like it was moving too slowly due to the intensive amount of paning and still frames.
It was almost like the manga, but in motion.
No new scenes were added, and everything felt so familar because it was like the scenes from the manga were taken out and color was added to them and place in an animation.
The only thing is that, when you read the manga, you get to read it at a pace that is alright for you.
But with the anime, you are sucked into their pace.

Futhermore, the manga is funnier whereas the anime is slightly more serious without as much comedic moments.

However, as much as the animation sucks, i love Junjou Romantica, so I am going to be bias and say that it was still a good episode.
Since it is a series, all the ‘sex’ scenes have been toned down to almost nothing, basically it is for you to leave it up to your imaginations.

The best part though is that they did not change the storyline! Everything is the same and it makes a fan of the manga happy to see it that way.

I felt that episode 1 was much better than ep 2 though

Here is an extra. A super big screen shot.
[click image to view enlarge shot]

Well until the next episode comes out, I shall just sit and stone in my chair. 😛

Episode 3 Review


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  1. like dude!!!!!!!..where are you seeing these shows?..America doesn’t have it posted it yet!!


  2. hey there, haha, i am watching the RAW version from the net. You might wanna try watching them on veoh if you like. There is no english subs on this series yet though.


  3. I wana know when the 4th one is coming out


  4. hmm, aarinfantasy has subbed the 3rd one, no idea when they will release the 4th though.. i have seen the 4th one (raw) and review it already… just check under the category Junjou romantica ^^






  6. lol, you can get it at aarinfantasy or via torernts. ^^


  7. It’s really good!!!There’s only 9 episodes out but it’s really nice^^!!! it’s on dailymotion and truveo…BE CAREFUL…it’s a YAOI!!!so people that don’t like gay dude…DON’T WATCH THIS lol xD!!!


  8. ououoououohhhhhhh the kiss i love this


  9. me facina mucho este YAOI
    esta muy bonito mas A
    USAGI lo AMO!!!


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