xxxHOLIC: Kei – 03

Episode 3 – Half

This episode is the final ep in this 3-ep arc.

Summary: Watanuki is off saving the Zashiki-Warashi.

This episode mainly revolves around Watanuki and his lack of understanding of certain things.
He does not fully grasp the fact that his existence is important to some people.

While this might have been an episode about the eye, it is at the same time not.

This is a very important character development episode.
Relationships are strengthened and Watanuki finally realizes some new things.

Having fun is probably not how I would describe this episode.
I really love this episode and the air of mystery and smoothness that surrounds it, it just captivates me.

It is a very serious episode, if you are watching to see the comedic relationship between Watanuki and Doumeki or some moments to laugh at, you will not find it (ok, maybe in the last minute or so).

The animation is just lovely and my favourite part of the episode would be when the Spider-Queen spoke to Watanuki about him not understanding things.
I felt that that part was classic xxxHOLIC.
Except this time, it is not an insight brought upon by Yuuko-san but the Spider Queen instead.

The naming of this episode is also really suitable – Half.
That basically sums up what this whole episode is all about really.

Can’t wait to see the next ep and see how these developments affects the relationship between the characters.

-ra out

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  1. *skips summary* I’m almost done with season 1. I’ll be watching the movie next then I’ll be eagerly basking in the world of season 2. Yay! 😉


  2. LOL. alrighty!!! hurry on up and watch the movie and enjoy season 2! wooohooo


  3. Wai! Saw eps 1-3 already, it was awesome to watch it in one sitting. xD

    It was a great arc to start the season with. Yuuko and Doumeki are a riot to watch. I loved the Watanuki x Zashiki-warashi moment… So cute! ^_^


  4. yea!! I know what you mean!
    it was a superb way to start the season!!

    i prefer the zashiki warashi over himawari actually. It is not that i have anything against her. It just that the zashiki warashi is so adorable when she sees watanuki. haha


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