Itazura na Kiss – 03

Episode 3 – Baton Touch of Love

Things start to get interesting in this episode.

Might Naoki be starting to develop some sort of feelings for Kotoko?

Episode 3’s main activity would be the school’s sports day. Where they have their track and field competitions. And Naoki reads Kotoko’s love letter! How will he react to that?

Nothing really BIG actually happens in this episode, I guess you could call it a chain of small events that leads to character development.

I was nearly on the verge of giving up on this series due to its lack of humor and very shoujo plot route. I thought that this episode was quite interesting and now I am actually looking forward to see what the next episode would be about.

However, I know that certain things were meant to be funny or cute or whatever, but I can’t seem to feel that from the anime. Perhaps it is the pastel mild colors, or soothing voices. Those “funny” moments just don’t stand out or are not as exaggerated as what I would have expected it to be in order for it to be funny.

My favourite part of this anime was probably the last 5 minutes of this anime and the scene where Naoki reads the love letter.

Since this anime is suppose to be about the lives of Kotoko and Naoki all the way until after marriage, the plot is moving on pretty fast.

And if I might say so, I feel that Naoki was actually pretty pleasant and cute (towards the end) in this episode.

If you were uncertain about this anime, you might want to give this episode a shot and decide if you would want to watch on. This episode kinda pulled me back into the ‘slightly-interested’ realm of things.

Maybe there is hope for this anime afterall!

Plus a new message board tabloid. OooOoO, Kotoko and Naoki raburabu, marriage seems to be not too far away. lol

-ra out


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  1. Ohh. I love this anime. & this ep. was cute. ^_______^


  2. I Love This Episode So Cute


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