Nabari no Ou – 03

Episode 3 – Assault


Okay, so the first 5 minutes was once again a flashback + OP.
I hope that they do not plan on doing this every single episode, it is just such a waste of good air time.

As the title of the episode stated, it is basically about the Assault of the village that we saw in the previous episode.

I am going to try and do this review as i watch the episode. (cos i have work to do later)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Alright so from 5mins-8mins it is basically an assault with the main intention of getting their hands on a ninja scroll. It is really funny to see a ninja (Yukimi) using a gun.
Apparently his excuse for that is that it is the 21st century.

Nice. That is one other thing that is different from Naruto

And then the gang barges in to stop them from escaping.
A new character is introduced – Yoite.
Fight and fight and stand still – apparently it is time to assess the opponent.

Alright, I cannot stand the panning.
It is starting to become ‘naruto-ish’ with the panning and talking (and talking) while both parties are facing each other fully ready to fight.

[Click Image to Enlarge]

And since the opponent is strong, what do you do?

That is a cool sensei, smart, think with you brain and not with your balls.

But then they get cornered and decide to battle it out.
This is the first time we are seeing Raimei (samurai girl) in a real battle.

I find it a mystery why such ‘strong ninjas’ would run head-on straight towards a girl with a sword and all they have with them is a kunai, especially when they do not plan on doing anything special at all.
The samurai girl is quite interesting, i mean she is able to dodge bullets but when she actually attacks it seems like she is just randomly slashing.
But we do find out something – She is interested in finding this one guy, another samurai, she gets all worked up and angry just at the mention of him. (typical shounen deep-dark-secret-past)

14mins : ooo cool! Kouichi starts to fight here.
His moves are pretty cool. no complaints there.

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Alright, by the end of the episode everyone is in bit and pieces with blood flowing out of them. (not quite but close enough). And then we end with a new person coming to aid the gang. Who is he and why is he there? We would have to watch the next ep to find out.

[Click Image to Enlarge]

I am not very happy with this ep! There was action and there were new characters and stuff, but I felt that they wasted quite a bit of time staring and talking, what not. I was hoping for a big showdown.
It is still a great ep to watch, but i am just not very happy with it. I was hoping to see more power action scenes etc.
If I were to classify this ep, I would say that it is a plot development rather than a action episode.
More talking lesser fighting.

Up until now i am still unsure about what this whole anime is really about.
Who are the other people and why is Raimei so interested in finding that samurai guy.
So many questions but no answers.
Well, since it is only the 3rd ep I can cut it some slack. It is still in the zone of the ‘plot-building-stage’.

Once again, the animation is pretty and the music is cute. haha, the music during the fighting scene at 6.01 mins made me felt like I was watching Fantasia. Interesting…

I dont like the sound effects though. When they battled the Yoiter (psychic power guy), they kept putting echoes to their Argh! and it becomes.. Argh..rgh…gh…h… that was weird. They should stick to the normal stuff, I support creativity, but yea, that did not work.

Other than that, I had fun watching this episode.
Can’t wait to watch the next.
Please let there be more fighting, but judging from the preview, it seems that Yoite (psychic guy)
might end up just walking away (somehow that just doesn’t seem to be his style).

Episode 4 – Ordered Mission

-ra out


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  1. Yoite isn’t psychic… His ability is to destroy you from the inside.


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