S.A. – 03

Having lost the previous match to Kei, Hikari has now got to fulfill one of Kei’s wishes.
Make an obento for Kei to eat.
The problem is that Hikari sucks at cooking.
Heck, her onigiris were more like a metal ball rather than something edible.
It seems like she can’t control herself when it comes to doing everything. She simply puts too much strength into doing things.
Kei on the other hand has never had a home-made bento before and starves himself in anticipation for Hikari’s cooking.
But will he eat it if the cooking is so horrible that it might kill him? ^_^

ans: he does and he actually said that it was good!


I started watching this episode with the bad taste that was left behind by the last episode, but I have to say that this episode was actually nice.

It is fun and funny and Kei is such a darling and is so sweet in this ep.

Hikari is still her usual battle-mode self but that was only for the first half of the episode. So it was still acceptable.
The animation was pretty cute, especially the student council president’s reaction to Hikari’s food. (the SC president can be pretty irritating at times, I think it is his voice or something, it is just weird.)

But as usual, nothing amazing about this episode. However, I felt that this episode was nicer than the manga chapter. So that is a plus. I gues just seeing it animated made it cuter. I just hope that the director for this series continues to produce more interesting episodes and not slump back into the quality of episode 2

-ra out!

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