Soul Eater – 03

Alright, I know that this episode is late with its review. For some reason i did not see the raw for this ep up until just a few minutes ago. (though it has been up for the past 2 days) =_=! Anyway, without further adue..

Episode 3 – Becoming the Perfect Boy? Death・The・Kid’s Magnificent Mission?~

The 3rd Prologue to this series.

Death the Kid, is the son of Shinigami-sama.
Companying him is 2 girls (weap
ons) who can turn into guns.
On their journey, they end up at a pyramid.
We also get a glimpse of the other 2 pairs and the idiot guys in within the pairs. (off doing something foolish once again)

[click to enlarge]

Guess who is the voice actor for Death the Kid??? Mamoru Miyano!!! One of my fav Seiyuu!
For those who don’t know, he just won the 2nd Annual Seiyuu Award for best lead actor. \^-^/

Once again the OP just gets me high. It makes me feel as though I am flying through the air/on a roller coaster ride.


Death the Kid:
Anyway, watching the beginning of the episode, haha, for some reason Death the Kid reminds me of Tamaki (it is the same Seiyuu as Tamak) but just the way he acts as well. LOL. Acting cool one moment, and then like a kid the next. But the kid is cool.
Though he might need to get his brain checked by a psychiatrist. He seems mentally unstable (in a funny way).
He has an OCD issue (Obsessive Complusive Disorder), it is so bad that he ended up abandoning his companions at the pyramid just to go back to measure a painting hanging on the wall (cos he thought it was off balance by a bit). He did not attack the enemy because it had perfect symmetry. LOL. What a joker. I am starting to love this character.

So far all we see of Death the Kid is him shooting the opponent, whether he has stronger powers than that seems highly possible (but I have no idea right now).


[click to enlarge]

The atmosphere for this episode leans towards the spooky side, and there is alway something for the audience to smile/laugh about every minute.

The animation for this episode is just brilliant. The sound effects, the colors, the movement, camera direction. It was just so interesting and amusing to watch. I especially love the way this episode was done.

The characters are interesting, Death the Kid and Black Star are hillarious to watch, just because you never know what is going to happen the next moment, Death the Kid especially. My least favorite pair would be the first pair, they just don’t grab your attention. They are more towards the serious side (not as comedic to watch) , but skills wise I don’t see them being stronger than the other 2.

The action in this episode was not that much (and concluded too fast for my liking) but it was a very humorous and entertaining episode. My fav out of the 3 prologues.

And this completes the prologue to the anime. Now the games begin.

-ra out

Episode 5 Review


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  1. at first i tot that the 3 stripes on his hair was light reflection….-_-


  2. lol, nope! but it was so funny when they made fun of his 3 stripes. lol. death the kid is just hilarious.


  3. death the kid is my fav ^^


  4. U rock kid!


  5. botakal1234567890x
    mga pangetttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt


  6. kid is so rock and blair is so vry cute and nice


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