Zettai Kareshi – 02

Summary-Episode 2

Robot, money, cream puffs.

This is what this episode revolves around.

Riko missed the deadline for handing Night back to the company and now has to either buy Night for a ridiculous price (for which she will spend the rest of her life working off to pay) or return him but with a penalty.

Deciding that returning him would be the best way, Riko starts taking part time jobs (from being a hostess to working at a restaurant).

Things at work are going horribly at the same time, her boss(Soshi) is pressing for her to make the cream puffs once again. Her colleagues are brimming with jealousy over her hot ‘boyfriend’. Worst of all, she does not know it but her “best friend” is up to something again.

At her part time job, she bumps into Soshi while working at a hostess and we start to see Soshi take an interest in her. After drinking with clients (and ending up drunk) Soshi piggy-backs her back (aawwwww, how nice) and Night comes to Riko’s rescue grabbing Riko from Soshi. From here Night finds out that Riko has been working to earn money.

As such, Night being the perfect boyfriend for Riko, decides to her Riko by taking on jobs as well.

Will Riko actually give Night back when the time comes? Ans: nope…. if she gives him back that is the end of the story.
Will Soshi get the cream puff that he wants from Riko? Ans: Riko does teach Soshi how to make the cream puff after finding out the reasons behind why Soshi wants to eat it so badly. Apparently, the cream puffs made by Riko reminded him of his grandfather.

Watch this ep and you will find out.

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I found this episode to be pretty alright. It was interesting enough for me to overlook the fact that it is no longer the same story as the manga. Next episode might remind some of us part of the manga though.

Night was pretty cute in this episode but still like Soshi better, he was much more interesting to watch. I still cannot full accept the robotic behaviours that Night have, he is so… I mean he is really sweet but more like a kid rather than the perfect boyfriend.
That point is probably the most disappointing fact for me in this series (so far).

The plot for this episode is interesting enough to keep you watching but not really dying for more.
The fact that the guys are good eyecandies is probably the biggest factor as to why I continue watching on.
I know I said that I liked Soshi but then the guy is not the perfect gentleman with the perfect track record.
This guy is a HUGE playboy. And even though he seems to be concern about Riko, I don’t see him seeing it as more than just a slight interest because she can make nice cream puffs. His interest in Riko seems to be unjustifiable (except for the cream puffs part).
I think the writers ought to concentrate on making boy guys more perfect and irresistible to the girls.
One acts like a kid, the other is a playboy.
Lets hope the next episode contains more romance than this. I am looking forward to seeing Soshi fight against Night for Riko.

Oh as for Riko, I am undecided about her, I don’t dislike her, neither do I like her. She needs to have more spunk.

Next episode: A work vacation trip at the hot springs. Night is now working at Riko’s company and…. Riko’s bestfriend (can’t remember her name) kisses night on the lips?!?!?! o_O

It is looking to be a steamy episode next week! (no pun intended)

-ra out!


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  1. “One acts like a kid, the other is a playboy” hahaha ^_^ aw, I like Soshi too, I mean the silent type with genious abilities, it’s more cool to see if that is on the series, but I simply about Hiro (the actor) maybe because of his smiles in Hana Kimi series, *Morita-senpai!* aw, looking forward too ^_^ I just completed the manga series two – three days ago =D I was never interested in a love triangle scenes, but what the heck, I was completely clueless I mean to whom does Riko would end up to, but since its Night is the leading character and the titloe says it all, then she goes with him, aw, poor Soshi, I like him much better than anyone since he is Riko’s bestfriend *in manga*, but the ending is nice and close to realistic that’s why I like the story, aw, I even cried when Night is dying *sob* It’s a wonderful love story that Riko is in dilemma whether she will pick the one that she loves *Night* or the one who truly loves her from the beginning *Soshi*, I hope its a good ending as well for the J-drama! ^_^


  2. yupp! i hope that the ending will be good and not dissapointing… I was crying buckets at the manga ending, but it was good that way because like you said, it was realistic.


  3. TwilightFlower

    Apparently, the third episode goes back to some of the manga plot. I haven’t read the manga, but my roommate has and she confirmed that for me. I like the show so far, but I agree with you that Night needs to shape up a bit more.

    Oh, and Soshi wants the cream puffs because he has to come up with a new product and he’s trying to get the company to consider the cream puffs since they are reminiscent of his grandfather’s.


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